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Exhibitor List Index

Denso 2226 Upgraded
Standard Motor Products, Inc. 4226 Upgraded Exporter
Aborn Automotive Sensor Co., Ltd. 8725
Advanced Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. 8111
Aeromotive Services Inc. 4765
Aisin World Corp. of America 2243 Upgraded FacebookTwitterExporter
Alfa Instruments Pvt. Ltd. 731
Anchoring Junction Co., Ltd. 5540
Archer Trans-Parts Co., Ltd. 8526
Associated Auto Parts Centre Pte. Ltd. 7743
Atlantic Import & Export Corp. 36021 Upgraded
Autel.US Inc. 861 Upgraded FacebookTwitterExporter
Bartec USA, LLC 853 Exporter
Blue Streak Electronics 4079 Upgraded FacebookTwitter
Bremi Fahrzeug-Elektrik GmbH & Co. KG 6324
CAMT Automotive (NA) Co., Ltd. 2875 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Car-Show Automotive Products Co., Ltd. 5444
CAS of New England 876 Upgraded
Ceradex Corporation 8607
Changzhou Dingfeng Auto Lamps Co., Ltd. 10922
Chaoda Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8749 Facebook
Cheetah Automotive Products Co., Ltd. 8205
Chimei Motor Electronics Co., Ltd. 57007 Facebook
Chin Lang Autoparts Co., Ltd. 8215
Chongqing XQK Enterprise Co., Ltd. 9709
Circuit Board Medics 4480 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
CNYTEC Co., Ltd. 7828
Cub Elecparts Inc. 8209 Facebook
Dalian Jiayu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8510
Delphi Technologies 5027 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Denso 2226 Upgraded
Eclatorq Technology Co., Ltd. 8005
Emerging Vehicle Technologies 31021
EMG International 7344
EXP Auto Electric Parts Co., Ltd. 8330
FACET S.r.l. 42008
Fair Sun Industrial Co., Ltd. 8232
Fly Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8704
Flying USA Auto Parts, Inc. 2073
Fortop Industrial Co., Ltd. 8116 LinkedIn
Fujian Xiapu Jinghe Electric Mechanical Co., Ltd. 8805
Fukuta Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. 8013
Garima Global Pvt. Ltd. 4912
Gen Trading Co., Ltd. 8344
Global Jujie International Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 9500
Golden Loch Industrial Co., Ltd. 8108
Grace News Inc. 8128
GU Electronics Co., Ltd. 7610 LinkedIn
Guangzhou Ubidriving Technology Co., Ltd. 10310
Guangzhou Yaopei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8804
Guilherme Busch Industria e Comercio de Pecas Automotivas Ltda. 5816 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Guolian Electronic Co., Ltd. 10351
Halla Holdings 5436
Han Yale Ind. Co., Ltd. 2679 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Harfon Electric 34006
Hefei Inat International Trade Co., Ltd. 10410 Facebook
Hemy International Corp. 2775 Exporter
Holstein Parts 36005 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Hua Wei Industrial Co., Ltd. 6135
Hubei Tianbang Automotive Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 8648 LinkedInFacebook
Hushan Autoparts Inc. 8328
Indication Instruments Limited 7626
ITOPS Automotive Inc. 7809
J Mark Technology Co., Ltd. 8221
Jiangxi Dellsun Auto Motor Co., Ltd. 9213
JohnDow Industries 830 Upgraded FacebookTwitterExporter
Juin Daw Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8309
KOREAUTOS Corp. 7926 LinkedIn
Kuo Chuan Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. 8015
Lantech Machinery Co., Ltd. 8417
NGK Spark Plugs 1832 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Ningbo Cohon Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 680
Ningbo Longy Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10152
Ningbo Ningshing International Inc. 10438
Ningbo Wuhuan Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. 9430
Ningbo Youwell Autoparts Technology Co., Ltd. 9238
Okay Motor Products (Hangzhou) Inc. 9730 Upgraded
Ossca Auto Parts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 9800
Ossca Parts (China) Co., Ltd. 4279
OYE Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9310
Pheon Auto Tech Pvt. Ltd. 6023
Power Lai Co., Ltd. 9234
Qingdao Hainr Wiring Harness Co., Ltd. 11043 LinkedIn
Qufu Temb Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 8530
Ross-Tech, LLC 450 Exporter
Ruian Ivok Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9700
Ruian Southeast Meter Factory 9304
Safety Control Cable Ind. Co., Ltd. 1866
Salient (Zhejiang) Automotive Door System Co., Ltd. 10004
Samas Electronics Co., Ltd. 7809
Schrader TPMS Solutions 2843
Semigo 7934 LinkedInFacebook
Sensata Technologies 30021
Shanghai Bometec Electronic Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. 41027
Sheng Teng Electron International Co., Ltd. 8010
Shenzhen Hong Xuntong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 774
Shenzhen HpAp Industries Group Ltd. 6140 Upgraded
Shiey Joung Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8333 Facebook
Simco Ltd. 4466
Somo Vision 7617
Sook Automotive Components (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 9505
Spark Corp. 7933 Facebook
Sparkren Industrial Co., Ltd. 8504
Spectra Premium Industries 5036 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Speedir, Inc. 2584
Standard Motor Products, Inc. 4226 Upgraded Exporter
Suprajit Engineering Ltd. 7234
TAITRA-Taiwan Excellence 8034 Facebook
Taizhou Proch Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8711
Taizhou Zhenpeng Overrunning Clutch Co., Ltd. 9924
TEXA USA 1076 Upgraded Facebook
Tianjin Yaxing Radiator Co., Ltd. 9717
Top Quality Auto Electric Products Co., Ltd. 8009
Topdon USA, LLC 454
Torque-Tech Precision Co., Ltd. 973
TrakMotive - Automotive CV Axles, ATV-UTV CV Axles & Window Regulators 6330 Upgraded
United Motor Products, Inc. 30026
Unitex Technology Inc. 4656
WAIglobal 4829
Walker Products, Inc. 2261 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookExporter
Wenzhou Guochun Automotive Factory 9332
Wenzhou Longfar Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 9961 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Wenzhou Riyi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. 9912
Wenzhou Seineca International Corporation 9809
Witz Silon Technology Development Co., Ltd. 8600
Yacenter Electric Co., Ltd. 8204
Yungyuan Forward Co., Ltd. 8443
Zenith Industries 7326
Zhejiang Kefeng Sensor Co., Ltd. 8551
Zhejiang Shuangxiang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10560
Zhejiang Songtian Automotive Motor System Co., Ltd. 8633
Zhejiang Taizhou Taoking Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. 9044
Zhongshan Chezhou Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 30013
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