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Engineered in Canada for maximum weather resistance, strength, structural integrity and durability, Mevotech driveline, steering and suspension parts deliver unsurpassed quality, performance and longevity.  Mevotech’s innovative X-Factor® features include metal-to-metal sintered bearings, enhanced bushing designs, reinforced cross sections and other engineering enhancements designed to maximize performance and life.  Our LaborSaver® program delivers a superior out-of-box experience for professional technicians, using bundled hardware and pre-assembled parts to simplify installation and maximize bay efficiencies.

Mevotech Supreme and TTX Terrain Tough Xtreme control arms and chassis parts are engineered for quality, guaranteed for life. 

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  • TITAN-XF Gen3 Taper Bearing Hub Assemblies
    Mevotech expands its TITAN-XF innovative, precision engineered hub bearing assembly line with tapered roller bearing designs. The expansion provides a premium aftermarket option for working trucks and medium-duty applications where durability is vital....

  • Mevotech is pleased to announce the launch of their Generation 3 – 515 Series of tapered roller bearings in first-class hub assemblies for working truck and medium duty applications.

    Precision engineered for ultimate durability, TITAN-XF’s tapered roller bearings are re-defining the standards of strength, endurance and performance. Designed for extreme resilience, with rolling elements that can support both radial and axial loads, this line expansion opens a new opportunity in the aftermarket by offering customers a premium hub bearing solution for working vehicles carrying heavy loads and where durability is vital.

    TITAN-XF is completely engineered from the ground up to address the common failure points experienced by North American drivers.  The result is a robust hub bearing assembly which can handle a wide range of road and weather conditions. From the composition of the steel to optimization of the rolling elements and quality of seals, TITAN-XF is a game-changer in the hub assembly aftermarket where the quality of aftermarket hubs rarely surpasses OEM quality. 

    Notable features of the TITAN-XF 515 hub bearing assemblies include:

    • SecureGuard™ ABS cable with robust end-to-end molding to protect the ABS service and signal.
    • Nanomatic™ loaded utilizing grease infused with nanotechnology which ensures lubrication under all conditions.
    • Quantum Sealing System™ utilizes multiple lips and seals to defend against water and contaminants, including an additional seal at the brake side of the assembly.
    • Mevotech’s Opti-Motion™ raceway and rolling elements which are designed to extend service life.
    • Robust engineered design with thicker material making the assembly more resistant to flex and features an orbital roll form allowing for a precise preload of the rolling elements.
    • REPEL-TEK™ corrosion resistant coating applied to the flanges and studs to ensure optimal protection.
    • Mevotech’s LaborSaver™ program makes installations quicker and easier by including, in the box, the axle nut and all assembly hardware required to complete the job.

    TITAN-XF’s Generation 3 – 515 Series hub bearing assemblies are now available for these popular working truck and medium-duty applications:

    TXF515036 - 2003-2013 GMC Savana 1500

    TXF515052 - 2003-2009 Ford Ranger

    TXF515058 - 2000-2006 GMC Yukon XL 2500

    TXF515059 - 2003-2019 Chevrolet Express 3500

    TXF515072 - 2002-2008 DODGE RAM 1500

    TXF515082 - 2005-2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty

    TXF515081 - 2005-2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty

    TXF515096 - 2007-2014 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

    New part numbers are in development.  To see what’s been added, please visit PARTSONLINE.MEVOTECH.COM for the latest application information.

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