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ZF Aftermarket guarantees the performance and efficiency of vehicles throughout their life cycle, with integrated solutions and the broad product portfolio. As a player in automotive, ZF brings the technology of today to the innovations of tomorrow, enabling vehicles to see, think, and act – all while striving for a world without accidents.

The combination of established product brands, digital innovations, customized products and services, and a worldwide service network has made ZF a sought-after partner.

ZF Aftermarket partners with customers to offer a one-stop-shop stocking experience covering chassis, suspension, braking, ride control, steering and drivetrain all housed under their aftermarket brands: Lemförder, SACHS and TRW.

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology, as well as active and passive safety technology. ZF is also a global partner with a workforce of 148,000 at 230 locations in 40 countries, making it one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide.

Brands: ZF, TRW, SACHS, Lemförder


ZF Aftermarket - Your Partner
TRW - It's About The Part

 Show Specials

  • During the 3-day AAPEX event - ZF Aftermarket will be offering half off their ZF [pro]Tech membership, when you sign up and pay show site at Booth 5062. Code: AAPEX19ZF.
  • Swing by ZF AFtermarket Booth 5062 for a TRW branded baseball cap tailored to you. Choose from your Shop name or initials or more to get embroidered personally on your hat to take away. Visit during the 3-day event to get yours personalized!

 Press Releases

  • After a week of hints across our social media accounts and speculation, ZF Aftermarket is excited to launch the #ItsAboutThePart campaign!

    For over 20 years, ZF has attended the Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, NV. AAPEX is an exciting and important event each year, but this year, ZF Aftermarket wants you to be there with them! ZF Aftermarket will be featuring a mosaic photo wall comprised of hundreds of automotive aftermarket professionals playing their part in what makes up the ZF community.

    From July 21st until November 2nd, 2019, ZF Aftermarket is accepting your pictures for addition to the mosaic. The submission must be a photograph of yourself with ZF branded products. Submissions can be posted on either Facebook or Instagram, with your place of business and ZF Aftermarket tagged, along with the hashtag #ItsAboutThePart or uploaded to www.itsaboutthepart.com.

    From now until November, all qualifying submissions will be entered in a weekly raffle where weekly winners receive a ZF branded Yeti tumbler and be featured on ZF Aftermarket social channels, and a monthly raffle where monthly winners receive a Yeti cooler filled with ZF branded swag. Those that are featured on the mosaic photo wall that can find their photo entry at AAPEX will also receive a thank you prize.

    “Mosaics are a beautiful art expression – when you stand close to one, you see bits and pieces that may look ambiguous,” stated Meagan Moody, Marketing Communications Manager, ZF Aftermarket. “Stepping back, you see the bigger picture that ties all those parts together. ZF Aftermarket’s branded products include ZF, Lemförder, Sachs, TRW, and the people that make up our industry.”

    We want everyone to understand that our community is more than just the brands that make us up. It’s about the aftermarket professionals that take the time and care to work with the products from ZF. When it comes down to it, you are the part. You ensure our quality remains high and our standards remain higher.

    To learn more about the #ItsAboutThePart campaign, please visitwww.itsaboutthepart.com.

    • 68 new TRW suspension part numbers released covering 33.6 million vehicles in operation
    • 464 new TRW chassis part numbers released covering 214.7 million vehicles in operation
    • Three new TRW friction part numbers released covering 1.4 million vehicles in operation.

    ZF Aftermarket is pleased to announce the release of 534 new part numbers of original equipment quality parts under the TRW brand for the passenger car and light truck vehicle market.

    The newly issued TRW part numbers include coverage for nearly 250 million vehicles on the road today, offering a wide range of vehicle coverage to emphasize their care of safety and focus towards each individual part.

    Included in the TRW newly released suspension parts are vehicles such as:

    • 2012-2017 Toyota Prius, Camry, and Avalon,
    • 2011-2017 Hyundai Elantra and Veloster

    Included in the TRW newly released chassis parts are vehicles such as:

    • 2009-2018 Infiniti JX35, Nissan Altima, Maxima, Murano, and Pathfinder
    • 2005-2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty, 350 Super Duty, 450 Super Duty, and 550 Super Duty
    • 2008-2018 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500

    Quality Expertise

    The TRW brand, a leader in automotive technology, is known for its high quality OE standards and safety components. TRW Corner Module components are designed to work together harmoniously in your vehicle, offering the total package of innovation, safety and quality.

    Putting the focus on OE-quality and the engineering behind each product produced, TRW puts the attention on the product itself.

    • Campaign grows in an unexpected way
    • ZF Aftermarket following includes more than just auto care professionals

    ZF Aftermarket’s #ItsAboutThePart campaign has drawn the attention of a diverse audience in the weeks it has been live. Since launching, the campaign’s roots have revolved around what the meaning of the part is, as well as those who have submitted pictures. The part, being the physical part focused on quality, also includes the involvement of all those who handle the part along the way.

    What came as unexpected, however, is how the campaign developed into what it is today.

    The Development of “The Part”

    As the submissions started coming in, ZF Aftermarket realized that this project reached much further than just it’s automotive professionals in repair shops – it reached employees under the ZF umbrella, children helping their parents in shops, fellow businesses, and automotive enthusiasts all doing their part. These has led the campaign to extend the meaning of the "part", which has shown the personal relationship and loyalty ZF Aftermarket has with its large community.

    With the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX) seven weeks away, ZF Aftermarket is eagerly accepting submissions to complete the Mosaic wall to be displayed at the show. There are still YETI tumblers and coolers to be won, so entries can continue to be submitted through Instagram or www.itsaboutthepart.com.

    We appreciate the time everyone has taken to become a part of the #ItsAboutThePart campaign and community.

    • McCorry to discuss bridging the OE and Aftermarket technology gaps
    • Event to showcase top technology and opportunities

    Joseph McCorry, Board Member and Global Vice President of ZF Aftermarket, will present on the topic of Bridging OE and Aftermarket Technology Developments on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 1:30p.m.

    The aftermarket’s top technology event is scheduled for Sunday, September 29 – Tuesday, October 1, 2019 in Boca Raton, Florida. The AASA Technology Conference is the industry’s top technology event and will enable attendees to learn about and discuss the opportunities that tomorrow’s technologies will present.

    “As advanced technologies continue to hit the aftermarket, it becomes even more important for aftermarket professionals to be knowledgeable and have the ongoing connection with their OE counterparts to ensure the correct information and servicing information” stated Joseph McCorry, ZF Aftermarket. “I’m looking forward to discussing some of these technologies and how they will affect the Next Generation Aftermarket.” McCorry will also participate in a panel the following day at the Mobility Innovation Conference discussing future vehicle technologies that will connect to the Aftermarket.

    In the connected world in which we operate, it naturally follows that the trends driving the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) like electrification, digitalization, Big Data, e-commerce and developments in autonomous driving sector are also shaping the future of the Independent Aftermarket. ZF Aftermarket has a responsibility to ensure that its partners are well equipped with the knowledge, training and tools with which to tackle the challenges and opportunities these trends will present.

    Joseph McCorry is Board member and Global Vice President of ZF aftermarket leading the OES business and strategic development for new mobility in the aftermarket.

    McCorry has over 25 years in the automotive industry working with vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket. Prior to his current role he served as President, ZF, Asia Pacific based in Singapore leading all units from the Middle East, India and Asia Pacific with a specific focus on the aftermarket. He also had a pivotal role in the TRW acquisition leading the strategy and integration of TRW into the ZF organization.

    McCorry has an MBA from the University of Buffalo and is an Alumni of Stanford, he currently commutes between Detroit and Germany with his home in Detroit where he lives with his wife and 3 daughters.

  • • ZF, TRW, SACHS, and Lemförder brands will be displayed at Industry Week

    • ZF Aftermarket gives attendees a customized experience related to new product launch

    ZF throughout the years has gained a strong market position as a leader and partner in the automotive aftermarket. By focusing on the quality of parts and offering integrated solutions for their customers, ZF Aftermarket has achieved expertise through engineering and as a true logistics, content, and operations partner. At the 2019 Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX) and Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, attendees will experience a perfectly tailored product portfolio which consists of products by the ZF Aftermarket brands ZF, Lemförder, SACHS, and TRW.

    From start to finish, it is important to focus on quality, safety and care that a vehicle owner deserves in a product and a technician needs to do the job. This year, ZF Aftermarket will return with that focus to AAPEX with the theme of its products and services being perfectly tailored to suit every need.

    ZF Aftermarket’s SEMA inside booth #50029 and outside space #61032 spotlights the racing heritage of its brands. Visitors to these spaces will see race and performance vehicles and witness the connection of racing engineering excellence in aftermarket products.

    Before the start of AAPEX/SEMA, the ATRA Powertrain show kicks off Industry Week with several days of technical and management seminars alongside a booth show. ZF Aftermarket will be onsite presenting diagnostics and operations of Chrysler Hellcat Transmission Technology.

    As a trusted and true partner, ZF Aftermarket aims to conquer the challenges in the aftermarket by personalizing offerings and programs to each of its customers. By combining today’s technology with the future of automotive technology, ZF Aftermarket translates these technologies directly into its offering, actively shaping the Next Generation Aftermarket.

    “Industry Week is an opportunity for everyone across all levels of distribution, not only ZF,” said Mark Cali, Head of Independent Aftermarket, United States and Canada. “It’s the one time of the year where distributors and technicians both have the chance to witness technologies of tomorrow first-hand and meet with suppliers who can help with solutions which aid their business in moving forward and staying competitive. ZF Aftermarket is looking forward to demonstrating some of these new technologies and further growing our partnerships.”

    Through understanding and partnering with their customers, ZF Aftermarket will be diving into Industry Week, showcasing their preparation for the Next Generation Aftermarket. ZF is constantly improving standards of quality, safety and innovation, setting success as a daily task rather than just a long-term goal.

    For more information on the presence of ZF Aftermarket at Industry Week, reach out to your designated ZF Aftermarket sales representative.  

    • The end of the campaign is November 2nd, 2019
    • Enter to win the final prizes of the month

    Since July 2019, ZF Aftermarket has ran the #ItsAboutThePart campaign and on November 2, 2019, the campaign will come to end. All the pictures ZF Aftermarket received will be placed on their mosaic wall and shipped off to Las Vegas where it’s community will proudly be shown alongside the team at AAPEX.

    Throughout the past 2 months, the campaign saw its own growth and development on what the hashtag #ItsAboutThePart meant to the ZF Aftermarket community. Because of this, the definition of “the part” grew to reach the company’s entire community and not only the part but the role the technicians and other aftermarket professionals play in the industry.


    The #ItsAboutThePart campaign will officially be ending in one month from now, meaning there will be 4 more YETI tumbler winners and one more YETI cooler winner. For your chance to win and more information, as well as examples of pictures to upload, visit www.itsaboutthepart.com. Show your part in the ZF Aftermarket community and enter now before it’s too late!


  • TRW Brake Pads
    TRW brake pads undergo a rigorous set of test, both during the production process and on the road. TRW Aftermarket mirrors the testing procedures used by OE engineers....


    TRW's friction program covers 95% of all vehicles on the road in North America - both imports and domestic. We are committed to being first--to-market with new vehicle applications. We support this with accurate and comprehensive electronic catalogs, making it easy to identity the correct part number quickly. 


    Manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications, TRW brake pads undergo rigrous testing. By providing the optimum friction formulation for each make and model, you never have to choose between ceramic and semi-metallic. For fadeless performance, all TRW brake pads are tested at high temperatures.


    TRW provides a dominant offering of chamfered and slotted brake pads, plus the greatest number of SKUs with noise-reducing hardware. TRW applies bonded Nitrile rubber-coated steel shims on all pads for noise-free braking. Slots prevent water, dirt, and dust build up on the friction surface giving more efficient contact and reducing noise.


    For a safe and easy pad change, all TRW brake pads are supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions - the largest range of installation hardware and grease.


    TRW disc brake pads are coated with Citec. Citec "Coating Innovation Technology" was develped in-house by TRW and reduces the braking distance travelled in the first stops after a pad chamge. This advanced silicate coating is applied to the friction material of replacement brake pads, resulting in an improved contact between the brake disc and pad. 

  • SACHS Shocks
    SACHS shock absorbers are intelligently engineered to restore original dynamics while designed to meet the highest safety, comfort, performance, and quality standards....

  • SACHS shocks are increasingly chosen to satisfy consumer demand for excellent ride control characteristics. Core competences at SACHS include new lightweight construction technologies that use aluminum (cold-extruded), magnesium, and high-strength steels (micro-alloyed).

    Monotube Shock Absorbers


    The monotube version of gas-filled shock absorber has a working cylinder that contains oil and gas under excess pressure conditions of about 25-30 bar. The oil and gas are precisely separated by a moveable separator piston. The damping valves for rebound and compression are located on the piston. The piston rod, guide, and seal are high-precision components that securely seal both the working cylinder and the piston rod against the pressurized oil. The process used to achieve the super-polished finish on the surface of the piston rod makes it one of the most precision-made parts in the entire vehicle. 


    Vehicle vibrations compress the shock absorber. The piston valve exerts pressure against the oil flowing upward from the chamber below the piston, which stops the piston's downward movement. The gas cushion compresses by the volume of the piston rod moving in. 


    Vehicle vibrations cause the shock absorber to extend. The piston valve exerts pressure against the oil flowing down from the chamber above the piston, which stops the piston's upward movement. The gas cushion expands by the volume of the retracting piston rod. 


    The damping valves, which work in both the compression and rebound directions, react to the speed with which the shock absorber is compressed or extended. As the speed increases, so too does the damping force. The gas reservoir, which is sealed off from the oil by the separating piston compensates for the volume of the piston rod as it moves in and out. The separating piston moves correspondingly down or up. The high level of pressure (25 to 30 bar) is needed to withstand the damping forces in the compression direction. This high level of pressure has the following advantages:

    • Precision valve response, even for the slightest vertical movement.
    • Noise is minimized because cavitation (bubble formation) is prevented even at the highest piston speeds. 
    • Improved tire roll properties thanks to constant road contact.

    Part of the vibrational energy is converted to heat in the oil. The shock absorber therefore heats up during operation, depending on its load. 

    Twin-tube Shock Absorber


    Twin-tube shock absorbers have two chambers filled with oil - the working cylinder, in which the piston and the piston rod move, and the compensation chamber. The compensation chamber is located between the working cylinder and the container tube. Two thirds of it are filled with oil, and one third with air or gas. Twin-tube shock absorbers have the advantage of shorter installation lengths than gas-pressure shocks with a monotube design. Twin-tube shock absorbers are also available in a gas-pressure design, with an interior pressure of 6-8 bar. Their advantages are similar to those of monotube shock absorbers. The damping valves - base and piston - consist of a system of spring washers and valve bodies with throttling bores. Like in monotube dampers, the piston rod, guide, and seal in twin-tube shock absorbers are high-precision components


    Vehicle vibrations compress the shock absorber, with the base valve doing the damping. When the piston rod moves in, the oil it displaces flows into the compensation chamber, while the base valve resists this flow and thus slows down the piston. The piston valve is open and functions as a non-return valve during this stage. 


    Vehicle vibrations cause the shock absorber to extend, with the piston valve assuming the damping function. The piston valve exerts pressure against the oil flowing down from the chamber above the piston, thus slowing the up-ward movement of the piston. The oil flows unobstructed out of the compensation chamber through the non-return valve back into the working cylinder where it's needed.


    The damping valves are designed in such a way that the damping forces adjust automatically to the piston speed. The faster the piston moves, the stronger the damping force generated. Vario technology is used for vehicles that are driven under a wide range of load conditions and for which the optimum comfort adjustment is hard to achieve. This two-stage damping system features a control groove formed mechanically in the working cylinder. Depending on the position and stroke of the piston valve, part of the oil flows through the groove (hydraulic bypass), which reduces the damping force. 

  • SACHS Clutches
    SACHS Clutch Kits and Components are OE-matched and provide consistent quality from kit to kit. The program includes kits, covers, discs, bearings, flywheels, forks, cables as well as master and slave cylinders....

  • As an OE clutch, clutch system, and component supplier, SACHS products are developed to meet the highest demands of the world's leading car makers. As a result, installers can satisfy the expectations of their customers with the highest quality, most reliable clutch kids and complementary parts available on the market today. Our clutch program offers features not found anywhere else:

    • The most complete clutch kit line offering in the industry
    • Unmatched Asian, Domestic, and European coverage
    • Exclusive parts not available through other suppliers
    • Complete range of complementary parts and upgrades

    Cycle Tested

    If it is in our catalog, it has been tested to meet or exceed OE specifications. All clutch discs have been cycle tested 1,000,000+ times. Taking this step reduces returns and pleases customers with a long service life.

    Complete Kits

    In order to reduce installation time, SACHS Superset Clutch Kits come with everything needed for installation: cover, disc, releaser, pilot tool, pilot bearing, or bushing and spline lube pack. 

    Power Clutch

    For enthusiast drivers who demand more performance, ZF Services is pleased to offer the SACHS Performance Power Clutch. Available for popular Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles, Power Clutch offers increased torque carrying capacity, precise engagement and tighter clamp loads. 

    Vehicle Verified

    In order to ensure each clutch kit installs seamlessly for the technician, while offering drivers the performance they expect, ZF Services installs and reviews new clutches entered into our program.

    Application-Specific Friction

    When auto manufacturers spec a clutch for a new vehicle, every variable of the clutch is optimized for the specific model. ZF Services understands that this is equally important for the aftermarket and goes to great lengths to ensure the right friction facing is appropriate for the catalog application. As a result, drivers experience a clutch with superior reliability, launchability, and durability. 

  • TRW Corner Module
    TRW builds so much of the original equipment that makes cars safe. With the TRW Corner Module, you’ve got braking, steering and suspension – three key safety parts that work in harmony and fit perfectly every time....

  • TRW helps to define the original equipment (OE) standards for braking, steering and suspension systems. That’s why a TRW Corner Module can withstand the dynamic forces a car endures day in, day out. All TRW Corner Module components are tested thoroughly for performance and safety to meet, and often exceed, international standards, using the knowledge, expertise, and teamwork of our True Originals. 

    The TRW Corner Module Catalog Includes:

    Braking: TRW is one of the largest global brake pad manufacturers in the independent aftermarket. TRW branded brake pads are produced with a strong focus on safety, performance and comfort.  In the North American aftermarket the TRW branded brake pad program provides a dominant offering of contemporary formulations, chamfered, slotted and shimmed brake pad sets. TRW brake pads are supplied with the largest number of part numbers with noise reducing hardware.

    Shock absorbers: TRW is very proud of the testing processes that we carry out on our front and rear shock absorbers. Meeting the very stringent OE specifications as well as our own high standards, you can be assured that all TRW suspension parts will outperform our market rivals, which is why choosing TRW makes sense. Complete in-house production and assembly of all products means we can oversee the full examination of every part, guaranteeing uniquely high quality. Testing methods carried out cover:

    • Low and high velocity testing schedules – allowing us to regulate the damping settings and associated ride comfort.
    • Endurance – we make sure that the durability and behavior over a long period of time remains exceptional.
    • Verification of damping and dimensions – each batch involves a part being tested on bench.
    • Road tests help to deliver optimum handling performance.

    We take our shock absorbers to some of the coldest parts of Europe and across some of the roughest tracks in Africa. That means we’ve accounted for the most extreme of extreme conditions, so that you don’t have to worry about performance.

    Steering linkage: TRW designs and manufactures original equipment specification Steering Linkages for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket.

    • TRW’s Steering Linkage range contains 1100+ parts including:
      • ​Bellows
      • Stabilizer Links
      • Tie-Rod Ends and Assemblies 
      • Center Links
      • Idler Arms
      • Pitman Arms

    Ball joints and tie rod ends: TRW sets the standard within the Aftermarket, with tests that go beyond the ordinary to ensure every chassis part we produce meets stringent vehicle manufacturer quality standards, in line with the Original Equipment specification.

    To help make sure that our parts can go the distance, TRW utilizes on the road tests and the most advanced test machines available, in both our Original Equipment and Aftermarket facilities as well as by independent testing labs. So you can be sure that TRW parts are tested for your safety.

    TRW’s state-of-the-art ball joint program includes the latest, high performance designs which incorporate the following features:

    • Long lasting dust covers made from the highest quality rubber that eliminate dust and water from entering the ball joint, improving the reliability and life-span of the part 
    • Manufactured using forged or cold formed steel
    • Low friction plastic bearings that enhance damping and reliability
    • Original Equipment quality hardware installation accessories

    Control Arms: TRW is a leader in the design, development, manufacturing and integration of chassis systems for passenger cars and light trucks. The TRW Control Arm range has more than 300 part numbers. TRW's portfolio includes upper and lower control arms for both front and rear suspension systems.

    • Upper and lower Control Arms designed as:
      • Aluminium forged Control Arms
      • Aluminium cast Control Arms - low weight/high performance
      • Steel forged Control Arms
      • Steel stamped Control Arms

    Ball Joints include the latest state-of-the-art high performance designs:

    • Temperature resistant
    • Low-torque/high comfort solution
    • Ball stud diameters ranging from 25 to 42mm
    • Integral and non-integral designs

    Built in Bushes:

    • Rubber Bushes
    • Rubber and Metal Bushes
    • Hydraulic Bushes
  • Lemförder Chassis Components
    Lemförder chassis components for commercial vehicles, trucks and buses are permanently reliable components. Continuously improved product innovations also increase payloads, reduce fuel consumption and optimize the driving dynamics of trucks and coaches....

  • Torque Rods

    Trucks and buses require torque rods for safe axle guidance - also known as axle guiding control arms, wishbones or axle struts. These parts connect the axle longitudinally, transversely or diagonally with the vehicle frame.

    The precision products from LEMFÖRDER always guarantee accurate axle guidance due to their design. This contributes to the reduction of tire wear.

    Due to design optimization, such as the use of casting technology, LEMFÖRDER has been able to successfully reduce the weight of torque rods for commercial vehicles thanks to continuous development work. Of course, without neglecting the most important factor that applies to all chassis components: safety.


    LEMFÖRDER V-links for commercial vehicles, trucks and buses – also known as wishbones or v-rods – are maintenance-free and robust. The new developped weight-reduced versions allow higher payloads for commercial vehicles.

    LEMFÖRDER wishbones for trucks and buses accomplish the absorption of longitudinal and lateral forces and, in conjunction with trailing arms and axle struts, take on all axis control tasks.

    Stabilizer Links

    A key component to maintaining a vehicle’s stability on a curve incline or driving on uneven surfaces is the cohesive and reliable interaction of all chassis components. LEMFÖRDER stabilizer links, also known as sway bar links, transmit forces between the chassis and bodywork and ensure maximum driving comfort at all times.

    Repair Kit for Plan and Molecular Bearings (torque rod)

    Comfort, safety and service life are increasingly important aspects concerning the chassis. In terms of design, torque rods are developed with plain bearings or molecular bearings. For the event of damage – caused for example through wear – we offer complete repair kits that enable a repair at costs which reflect the current market value.

    With the LEMFÖRDER repair kit, the workshop obtains all genuine parts in a single package with all required components. This enables a fast and inexpensive service.

    The Control Arm for City Buses and Coaches

    An optimally adjusted wheel suspension or wheel guidance equals ride comfort for the driver and passengers. Furthermore, the independent suspension makes it possible to have the middle area of the bus, and consequently, the entry height much lower. The control arm plays a huge role when it comes to this type of separate wheel suspension. It connects the vehicle body with the wheel via joints and therefore has a decisive influence on the drivability when cornering, accelerating, and braking. Alternative manufacturing methods and materials such as aluminum reduce its weight and aid in saving resources.

    With the innovative LEMFÖRDER RL 75 E and RL 85 E front axle systems for coaches, two systems based on the double wishbone principle are available that cover the entire range of full-size buses.

    The Supporting Joint

    As part of the wheel suspension or wheel guidance, this LEMFÖRDER suspension joint transfers the radial guiding forces to the wheel as well as the axial spring and damping forces. It ensures easy maneuverability and increased ride comfort.

    Supporting joints are wearing parts and should therefore be regularly checked after a certain mileage. After all, they support the weight of the vehicle and ensure stable road holding, which is an important aspect with city buses and coaches.

  • ZF 8HP Transmission
    The development of the new 8-speed automatic transmission by ZF focuses on the minimization of fuel consumption rather than the number of speeds. The new 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and economy....

  • The power of innovation has helped create a new classic design of ZF’s 8HP transmission. There are several advantages to the lightweight design such as:

    • New gear set design: four planetary gear sets and only five shift elements minimize the drag loss and increase the transmission efficiency.
    • Optional hydraulic impulse oil storage (HIS) opens up the possibility of the start-stop function and increases the fuel savings potential.
    • Integrated transmission control unit with extremely quick response time.
    • Basic transmission can be combined with multiple power take-up elements including the torque converter, the hybrid drive, and the integrated power take-up element.
    • Full hybrid compatibility: on the basis of the parallel hybrid concept, mild, full and plug-in hybrid systems can be implemented with the basic transmission of the 8-speed automatic transmission.
    • The transmission is compatible with the following all-wheel-drive concepts: All-whell drive center differential integrated, integrated all-wheel drive system (IAS©), hang-on all-wheel-drive
    • For input torque range from 300 to 1000 newton meter
    • Multidisk separation of brakes
    • Optimized cooling: less cooling oil for low system pressures, more cooling oil for high system pressures
    • Automatic idle shift system at vehicle standstill and engaged service break (stand-by control)

    For the 8-speed automatic transmission, ZF set out to design and develop an entirely new gear set concept. The result is a revolution in transmission design: a transmission concept with 4 gearsets which requires only 5 shift elements – of which only two are open in any given gear. The 8HP also requires no more than 3 multi-disk clutches and 2 brakes, which allows it to achieve a greater degree of efficiency than other concepts. As a result of the fact that only 2 shift elements are open per gear, drag losses in the transmission are sustainably reduced. This effect is supported by the use of a new parallel-axis vane-type oil pump. 

    A torque range from 300 to 1000 newton meter makes the 8HP the perfect partner for all rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive designs. From the lower midsize segment to sporty luxury cars, and in every type of SUV and offroad vehicle – its revolutionary design is always an efficient and economical solution. Although the 8HP features 2 more speeds than the extremely successful 6HP, the dimensions have remained unchanged and the weight was even reduced by 3% to 87 kg (transmission modular system 8HP70) including oil. At the same time, the total transmission ratio spread of 7.0 ensures that the engine is always in its optimum operating range. This translates into improved acceleration and reduced fuel consumption.

    Based on a really successful product, it combines dynamics and comfort with improved efficiency – also with regard to the costs. And it is ideally equipped for even stricter fuel consumption and CO2 emission regulations. In the premium and mid-size car range, the optimized 8HP product family enables the average fuel consumption to be cut by another 3%. CO2 emissions decrease to the same extent. These potentials can also be completely transferred to hybrid drives. Incidentally, additional savings potential by a further optimized startstop function is not yet included here. To achieve these innovations, ZF engineers have optimized some details. Thus, the reduction of drag torques and engine speeds further reduced the already very low power losses. Essential success aspects are the higher transmission ratio spread and the reduction of system pressures in many areas. Another factor is the multidisk separation of the brakes. Furthermore, advanced torsional vibration dampers enable a faster bypassing of the hydrodynamic power transmission and therefore further reduction in speed. Thus, the new 8HP is perfectly prepared for use with the new engines (3-8 cylinders) which will determine the trend of the years-to-come.

  • [Pro]Tech
    ZF [pro]Tech for independent car and commercial vehicle workshops. The ZF workshop concept for enthusiasts – a direct line from you to the specialists....

  • The product-oriented detailed concept ZF [pro]Tech communicates the latest technical information from one of the world’s largest automobile parts manufacturers directly to connected independent passenger and commercial vehicle workshops – via personal contact, technical training sessions, and the service-focused online portal.

    The concept includes all our product brands: ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW. This combination of direct contact with the industry and premium product quality lays the foundations for ideally equipping partner workshops for the future.

    With [pro]Tech start, you get access to:

    • Access to online partner area: 
      The knowledge portal of ZF [pro]Tech for finding out more information, booking, ordering, contacting us and downloading. All information at a glance as a service for workshops.
    • Online parts catalogue: 
      Do you want to find the product you're looking for quickly? Stay in the picture with our online catalogue.
    • Vehicle-specific assembly advice for cars and vans: 
      Short, detailed descriptions on how to install and remove our components are available as text and images
    • Service projects run by vehicle manufacturers: 
      Not always as up-to-date as authorized workshops? No problem. Service projects run by vehicle manufacturers will keep your car workshop constantly up to speed. How exactly do they work? 
    • Installation hotline: 
      Do you prefer direct contact? Talk to us via our installation hotline – for any questions about all things technical, as well as questions on the installation and removal of car driveline and chassis components.
    • Product hotline: 
      For quick responses on anything to do with our products from the ZF, SACHS, LEMFÖRDER and TRW brands.
    • Newsletter:
      Key information about our ZF [pro]Tech workshop concept as well as interesting news from the industry – prepared regularly for you
  • TRW X-Tend Lift Supports
    TRW X-Tend lift supports offer the customer best-in-class value through guaranteed lifting performance and long-term durability derived from TRW’s OE product development and validation process. X-Tended performance. X-Tended safety. X-Tended value....

  • Automotive lift supports: used to assist the opening, holding open and closing of passenger car/light truck hoods, hatches, window glass and trunks.

    TRW X-Tend lift supports offer the customer best-in-class value through guaranteed lifting performance and long-term durability derived from TRW’s OE product development and validation process. X-Tended performance. X-Tended safety. X-Tended value.


    1. Best-in-Class Warranty: TRW offers limited lifetime warranty.

    2. Product features: All product features (as highlighted below) are designed to meet TRW targets for technical performance and long-term durability – this enables us to offer the class leading warranty.

    3. TRW Development and Validation Process: TRW’s product development and release process includes multiple stages of product validation and durability testing. Products are subjected to various stages of validation and durability testing on production and TRW dynos.


    1. Category Experts – ZF Aftermarket has grown this category in the United States/Canada through an in-depth understanding of the market, product failure modes, first-to-market coverage and pricing. This combination of expertise can also grow sales and market share for the distributor.

    2. Value Position – Not only can TRW guarantee product performance and customer satisfaction – the program is offered at a value that is market competitive and enables the distributor to sell with an acceptable margin.

    3. TRW Product Synergies and ZF Bundle: Current distributors can easily add TRW X-Tend products to their current ZF Aftermarket orders. Distributors currently selling ZF branded products can extend the same positive customer sentiment to TRW X-Tend lift supports.


    Product Attributes

    TRW - Feature

    TRW - Advantage

    TRW - Benefit

    BODY / TUBE (1)

    Cold drawn, precision steel body

    Achieves very exacting tolerances

    Smooth and constant contact with the piston assembly reduces wear, while maintaining lifting performance over time

    BODY / TUBE (2)

    300 Hour Salt Spray testing

    Confirms long term corrosion resistance

    The corrosion resistant tube will ensure service life is maximized


    Smooth finish, robust guide seal

    Reduces wear, improves service life

    With oil and gas effectively sealed in the body, TRW can ensure a long service life and performance in all weather conditions

    ROD (1)

    Black Nitride, hardened steel - heat treated

    Highly corrosion resistant

    Corrosion resistance ensures the rod does not become contaminated with rust, which reduces sealing effectiveness and life

    ROD (2)

    Highly polished rod

    Superior sealing, reduced wear

    Smooth, long term operation and excellent sealing through all weather conditions


    Proprietary, OE tuned valve design

    Controlled speed and damping

    Products engineered to TRW's stringent OE-Matched standards for safe and easy lifting, reduced closing effort.


    Highly durable O-Ring Sealing Technology

    Leak-resistant seal,  separation between the oil and Nitrogen gas chambers

    Ensures separation between the nitrogen gas and oil chambers for consistent performance


    OE Matched end-fitting design

    Ensures proper fitment and function

    First time fit and OE-like operation


    Anti-Spin end fittings

    Keeps orientation

    Orientation is maintained which improves installation and ensures no pieces become loose during transit or storage


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Industry leading

    Peace of mind, we stand behind our product


    TRW Durability Tested

    Product exceeds TRW's stringent testing requirements for durability and performance

    Optimized value as service life is X-Tended, as promised by our limited lifetime warranty


    TRW Expert Technical Support

    Expert live help is available 

    Installation help or product questions are only a call away…


    Installs In Minutes

    Easy to install with basic tools and another helping hand

    Save time and money!

  • TRW Ultra Disc Brake Pads - Premium Line
    Perfectly Tailored, Premium Brake Pads. With vehicle specific formulations, TRW Ultra disc brake pads fit right the first time. As the largest OE brake systems provider, TRW can ensure that each brake pad meets or exceeds OE specifications....

  • Perfectly Tailored, Premium Brake Pads. With vehicle specific formulations, TRW Ultra disc brake pads fit right the first time. As the largest OE brake systems provider, TRW can ensure that each brake pad meets or exceeds OE specifications.

    The future is now with TRW Ultra disc brake pads. With stopping distance being the true test of a brake pad, TRW Ultra brake pads are there for you when needed at the most crucial time. Are your brake pads designed for the higher speed limits states continue to see?


    TRW Ultra brake pads undergo a rigorous set of tests, both during the production process and on the road. TRW Ultra mirrors the testing procedures used by OE engineers – plus, we carry out a wide range of additional tests to ensure the complete safety of our pads.


    The optimum friction formulation for each make and model gives drivers the comfort of knowing safety is the foremost focus for TRW Ultra brake pads.


    TRW Ultra provides chamfered and slotted brake pads per OE configurations. Slots prevent water, dirt and dust build up on the friction surface giving more efficient contact and reducing noise.


    For a safe and easy pad change all TRW Ultra brake pads are supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions; necessary installation hardware and grease.

    TRW Ultra is your choice for a copper-free, vehicle specific formulated brake pad.

  • TRW Pro Disc Brake Pads - Mid-Grade Line
    Made by the Pros, For the Pros. TRW Pro disc brake pads – the right fit the first time. To make the job easier for the technician, TRW Pro provides the necessary installation hardware for each OE spec’d brake pad set....

  • Made For the Pros, By the Pros. TRW Pro disc brake pads – the right fit the first time. To make the job easier for the technician, TRW Pro provides the necessary installation hardware for each OE spec’d brake pad set.

    TRW Pro disc brake pads are designed to fit the vehicle platform you’re working on. With each brake pad slotted or chamfered per OE configuration, the friction surface provides more efficient contact and reduced noise.

    Make the job easy and effective with TRW Pro disc brake pads.

 Onsite Contact

Onsite Contact Name
Meagan Moody
Onsite Contact Title
Marketing Communications Manager
Export Contact Name & Title
Ben Marcell - National Sales Manager
Products we export:
Brake Systems, Chassis Components, Ride Control, Steering Components, Suspension Components, Transmissions & Parts
Regions we export to:
Canada, Europe, Mexico/South & Central America/Caribbean
Trading arrangements we seek:
Foreign Agents/Distributors

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