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With over 40 years in the industry, Minsait ACS provides the broadest set of OT & IT solutions to the utility market. We are recognized for our leading real-time energy management solutions and trusted for providing the innovative products and services that support the entire energy value chain.​

Brands: ADMS, SCADA, DMS, OMS, DERs, Distribution Automation, FLISR, RTU, Substation Automation, GIS, MDM, MDA, CIS, Workforce Management, Mobile Apps, Demand Response, Operational Intelligence, Historian​


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  • Atlanta, GA, April 5, 2022 – Minsait ACS, Inc., a power grid control solutions and technology provider for the electric power industry, today announced its partnership with Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute). With Minsait ACS’ strategic focus on global growth using GIS technology, ESRI (a leader in this field) was the perfect partner to align with.

    “Minsait ACS’ parent company, Minsait, has been partners with Esri for over 20 years,” said Giovanni Polizzi, VP of Sales and Marketing at Minsait ACS. He continued, “Client utilities in the United States can now leverage Esri’s technology through Minsait ACS and have access to technical professionals to help integrate these solutions.”

    "We are excited to build a strong and lasting partnership with Esri and look forward to the benefits the global energy industry will realize from our partnership and combined solutions,” states Sergio de Mingo, Head of Geospatial & Mobility for Minsait's Phygital Division. 

    “Esri’s geospatial and visualization insights will provide Minsait ACS customers with better data to make better business decisions which will improve their operations,” said Juan Ramón Peña Jiménez, Project Manager in Minsait.

    About Esri

    Esri (esri.com), the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping, helps customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Founded in 1969 in Redlands, California, USA, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations globally and in over 200,000 institutions in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofits, and universities. Esri has regional offices, international distributors, and partners providing local support in over 100 countries on six continents. With its pioneering commitment to geospatial information technology, Esri engineers the most innovative solutions for digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.

    About Minsait ACS

    Minsait ACS (minsaitacs.com), an Indra Company, is a leading global technology and consulting company and technological partner for core business operations of its customers worldwide. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Minsait ACS has over 40 years’ experience in the utility industry, and we are proud to bring the broadest set of OT and IT solutions to our valued customers. At Minsait ACS, we leave our mark by providing solutions and services that support the entire energy value chain, from intelligent management networks and data to the commercialization of energy and new services. Our value proposition is based on innovation and knowledge of the business processes and challenges within the utility sector.

    About Minsait

    Minsait, an Indra company (minsait.com), is the leading firm in Digital Transformation Consultancy and Information Technologies in Spain and Latin America. Minsait possesses a high degree of specialization and knowledge of the sector, which it backs up with its high capability to integrate the core world with the digital world, its leadership in innovation and digital transformation, and its flexibility. Thus, Minsait focuses its offering on high-impact value propositions, based on end-to-end solutions, with a remarkable degree of segmentation, which enables it to achieve tangible impacts for its customers in each industry with a transformational focus. Its capabilities and leadership are demonstrated in its product range, under the brand Onesait, and its across-the-board range of services.

  • Atlanta, GA, March 21, 2022 -- Advanced Control Systems, Inc., a leading real time energy management solutions provider based in Atlanta, Georgia, is now officially Minsait ACS, Inc. While the name is changing, customers and partners can expect the same great solutions, research, development, customer service, staff, and leadership. 

    The official change to Minsait ACS aligns us with our global parent company Minsait, based in Madrid, Spain, and allows us to continue to grow and expand our solutions and offerings to the utility market.

    “Our portfolio of solutions and services is much broader than Control Systems,” says Adrian McNulty, CEO. He continued, “We have a full suite of OT/IT solutions and are now active in Data Analytics and Asset Performance Management (APM) projects, as well as growing partnerships that will help us further expand our IT offerings.”

    About Minsait ACS

    Minsait ACS, an Indra Company, is a leading global technology and consulting company and technological partner for core business operations of its customers worldwide.

    Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Minsait ACS has over 40 years’ experience in the utility industry, and we are proud to bring the broadest set of OT and IT solutions to our valued customers.

    At Minsait ACS, we leave our mark by providing solutions and services that support the entire energy value chain, from intelligent management networks and data to the commercialization of energy and new services. Our value proposition is based on innovation and knowledge of the business processes and challenges within the utility sector.

  • Atlanta, GA, July 15, 2021 -- Minsait ACS (Advanced Control Systems, Inc.), an Indra company, has launched a new version of PRISM built on the Oneview user interface that features configurable workspaces, drag-and-drop functions, analytics, dashboards, and a browser-based GUI to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices. 

    Attendees of the Virtual Customer Conference in 2020 enjoyed a sneak preview of PRISM with Oneview. The new design, with its contemporary look and enhanced ease-of-use, was well received. This new version of PRISM with Oneview is now available to everyone.

    “We are really excited about the launch of this new release of PRISM,” states Adrian McNulty, CEO.“ This is a true leap in value, leveraging the latest technology to provide an enhanced user experience, intuitive functionality, and a modern look that is responsive and highly customizable.”

    “At Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) our mission is to deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions to enhance the quality of life and the productivity of enterprise and to support national development." said Barry Smith, Manager, Telecommunications at BEL.  Smith continued, “As a result, modernizing our grid and making it resilient against cyber-attacks are key initiatives that support the ‘Grid Resilience and Viability’ strategic pillar of our Business Plan. BEL has had a long-term relationship with Minsait ACS as our SCADA provider, and they have continuously provided great support and innovative solutions to BEL. Minsait ACS’ latest version of PRISM - PRISM 12 - is a robust, state of the art system, which will increase efficacy and security in our daily operations by providing enhanced system management and alerting, alarm sorting and reporting, modification of map designs, and mitigation against cyber-attacks. Therefore, it made perfect sense for us to upgrade.”

    “We selected Minsait ACS because their proposed SCADA solution fit perfectly with our existing electric distribution system. Our new PRISM system will allow us to process large amounts of data and will give us the ability to grow into a full ADMS in the future,” said Steve Sax, Electric Director at Springfield Utilities. “Our staff is limited and unfamiliar with SCADA.  Minsait ACS provided “Hands On” installation and training which will minimize our installation and operation concerns. The built-in analytics and dashboards of PRISM with Oneview are configurable and integrated, with pre-defined, out of the box widgets that include trends, bar charts, pie charts and more. KPIs are prominently displayed, and dynamic reporting tools provide real-time and historical system data, on demand.” 

    To learn more about Minsait ACS, PRISM and Oneview, you can email acs.marketing@acspower.com.


  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    Hundreds of utilities around the world have chosen Onesait SCADA to meet their critical functional, performance and availability requirements....

  • Onesait SCADA includes a modern, intuitive, browser-based user experience that delivers configurable workspaces with enhanced graphical displays, operational dashboards, system and asset KPIs, as well as traditional data views.

    • Modern browser-based user interface
    • High-performance real-time database
    • Unlimited database expansion
    • High availability architecture
    • Built-in formulas and calculations

    Custom programming application Integrated reporting tools and data exporting capability Integrated historical data archiving and reporting Modern graphical displays with dashboard capabilities Support for industry standard system interfaces.

    Onesait SCADA can be augmented to fit your specific operational needs through the addition of a large library of applications.

  • Outage Management System (OMS)
    A high-performance solution built on a unified, real-time platform that enables utilities to effectively handle the most severe storm situations, delivering the highest levels of reliability and customer satisfaction....

  • A comprehensive solution that effectively manages the entire outage life cycle thus reducing outage duration and minimizing customer impact.

    Built upon a scalable, high-performance platform, Onesait OMS is the field-proven solution of choice for utilities across the world. Designed to meet the needs of the modern utility, Onesait OMS is an unmatched end-to-end solution for customer service, operations, field crews, and utility customers.

    OMS can be deployed with an existing SCADA system or as a component of the Onesait Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) platform, providing extensibility and integration capabilities to meet current and future demands.

    • Improved Reliability – quickly identify and respond to outages to reduce duration and impact
    • Improved customer engagement – multi-channel outage reporting and outbound communication
    • Reduced Operating Cost – optimized outage life cycle and reduction of truck rolls
    • Enhanced Situational Awareness - easy access to the right information, at the right time, for all users
    • Extensibility and Interoperability – easily expand to full ADMS and integrate with third party systems
  • Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)
    Onesait ADMS combines real-time monitoring and control, advanced distribution applications, and outage management – using distributed intelligence with grid edge technologies....

  • While many utilities today have yet to realize the full benefits of a DMS implementation, Minsait ACS is solving this challenge by delivering true ROI with our Onesait Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

    Based on our more than 40 years of experience delivering “mission critical” real-time systems, Onesait ADMS features advanced analysis applications to optimize network operations, combined with field-proven SCADA for monitoring and control and integrated Outage Management for tracking, analyzing and restoring outages – all resulting in improved network resiliency, reliability and power quality.

    Onesait ADMS is a DER-enabled solution with a flexible, distributed architecture design that helps utilities effectively integrate DER assets and grid-edge devices into a future-ready platform, providing a holistic view of network dynamics and enabling autonomous operation and optimization of the grid.

    Delivering a common user experience, data model, and integration framework across applications – Onesait ADMS transcends the traditional monolithic, centralized approach to DMS, providing unique extensibility in support of enhanced grid management, optimization and analysis. And supported with a full suite of mobile applications and enterprise integrations, Onesait ADMS is the solution for utilities today looking to improve performance and maximize reliable, resilient, and safe power delivery.


    • System evergreen approach reduces utility total cost of ownership
    • Distributed architecture provides extensibility not available with conventional centralized DMS
    • Hybrid architecture enables full integration with grid edge technologies
    • Orchestrate and optimize DER assets while actively addressing grid constraints
  • Centrix™ Feeder Automation
    Combining the rapid deployment and scalability of a distributed approach with the performance and reliability of a dynamic, model–driven solution, Centrix is the flexible, easy to configure and cost-effective solution for FLISR and IVVC....

  • Centrix is an advanced feeder automation platform that can leverage your existing controls and communications infrastructure with the addition of proven applications for reliability and delivery optimization.

    Centrix uses a new, advanced approach to Distribution Automation at the feeder level. Minsait ACS has taken the functionality and capability of our advanced model driven DMS applications and developed a stand-alone system that is easier to configure and deploy. The cost of a Centrix installation is comparable to that of a legacy peer–to–peer distributed system, without requiring vendor-specific controls or dedicated communication networks.

    Reduce outage durations from hours to seconds through automatic isolation and service restoration, including a “return to normal” function with no violations or further service interruption. 

    Dramatically improve permanent outage statistics – SAIDI, CAIDI and SAIFI, transforming most of the service interruptions to momentary outages.

    Improve feeder power quality through dynamic, interactive control of regulators and capacitors to optimize voltage and reduce losses.

    Integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into your feeder automation schemes with flexible modeling and intelligent optimization capabilities .