Exel International

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield,  QC 
  • Booth: 3951

Exel International has become a leader in the electrical components manufacturing industry. With its full range of high-performance products, designed and manufactured using highly sophisticated techniques, it sets extremely high quality standards in the markets it serves, which sets it well apart from its competitors. Combining a unique technological approach to manufacturing developed by its engineering team with high-performance lean management processes results in enhanced efficiency and product quality, along with competitive prices for our customers. 


  • Flexible Braided Connectors / UL
    Flexible braided connectors are used mainly in the energy industry for wind turbines, generators, substations, transformers, circuit breakers and rectifiers. They are also used in the automotive, aerospace, information technologies and military sectors....

  • Ferrules
    • Seamless C11000 ETP copper tube as per ASTM B188
    • Seamless C12200 DHP copper tube as per ASTM B75 or as per ASTM B88
    Ferrule plating options
    • Electrolytic tin plating as per ASTM B545
    • Electrolytic silver plating as per ASTM B700
    • Electroless nickel plating as per ASTM B733
    • Lead free hot tin dip plating

    Flat, round or tubular braids
    • Tin-Plated C11000 ETP copper as per ASTM B33 
    • Silver-Plated C11000 ETP copper as per ASTM B298
    • Nickel-Plated C11000 copper as per ASTM B335
    • Bare C11000 ETP copper as per ASTM B3


    • Ferrule widths up to 10”
    • Ferrule thickness up to 3”
    • Total connector length up to 120”
    • Mounting holes as per NEMA standards
    Custom sizes are also available.


    100 to 7,500 amperes


    Insulation: Heat shrink PVC and polyolefin, ceramic heat shield and several other types of insulation materials are also available.