Power Systems Integrity

Marlborough,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 7823

Founded in 2003, Power Systems Integrity, Inc. specializes in advanced diagnostic and monitoring apparatus. Our Live Line Phase Identification tools provide easy identification of cable phases. Our permanently installed Low Voltage Secondary Network monitoring system uses our patented CEMesh (tm) advanced power line carrier communications technology to enable unprecedented visibility into secondary networks.

Brands: CEMesh (tm) Phase ID


  • Phase Identification System
    PSI’s novel Phase ID System correctly identifies the phase of an energized conductor....

  • The Phase ID 6000 tools provide accurate phase identification at any location. No recalibration is ever required, even when phasing circuits fed from different substations. The Phase ID 6000 is ready for instant use whenever and wherever needed. The Extensive on-line diagnostics provide a quick and easy troubleshooting aid to ensure optimal system performance.

    PSI’s novel Phase ID System is a non-intrusive tool that is versatile and easy to use. The system correctly identifies the phase of both low and medium voltage overhead distribution cables including MV Spacer cable, pad mounted equipment with both live and dead front connections on both the low voltage and medium voltage cables.

  • Secondary Network Monitoring CEMesh
    Power Systems Integrity, Inc. (PSI) developed an advanced Secondary Network Monitoring System that is easy to install....

  • PSI’s Network Monitor senses Voltage, Current, Temperature, and Calculates Phase Angle, and PF. The system also accepts inputs from other IED’s and sensors, such as Manhole gases like H2 and CH4.

    Secondary Network Monitoring improves visibility of the Network providing a tool for condition-based maintenance that will lead to improved network planning and performance. 

    PSI has field proven experience with NEMA 4 and IP68 Mesh Network PLC telemetry applications over Low Voltage Secondary Networks. The PSI system is ready for field deployment across any secondary networks or spot networks.