Prisma Photonics

Tel Aviv, 
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  • PrismaPower™
    PrismaPower™ keeps your power transmission network up and running. Without installing any sensors, PrismaPower monitors powerlines, providing alerts for events in your transmission grid....

  • PrismaPower, keeping your grid safe, efficient, and flowing

    PrismaPower enables transmission system operators to accurately monitor vast lengths of overhead and underground powerlines for hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

    No extra sensors needed, fast time to effectiveness

    PrismaPower is effective within hours – no need to install extra sensors on powerlines or towers. An easy deployment, utilizing the existing optical fiber network on top of the transmission grid. The Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) is turned into a set of highly sensitive distributed sensors extending for hundreds and thousands of kilometers within hours.

    Accurately monitor with the power of machine learning

    PrismaPower’s machine learning algorithms take the detailed data collected on the grid to detect events, pinpointing them down to tower locations in real-time. PrismaPower identifies safety events such as physical damage, extreme weather, electrical faults, and physical-cyber attacks.

    Cost-effective with an Innovative business model

    PrismaPower presents a significant cost reduction in grid monitoring. Installing in a plug-and-play mode without additional sensors reduces deployment and maintenance costs.

    PrismaPower offers an innovative service model, pay-as-you-grow, as well as a more traditional ownership model. No upfront payment is required, and with a monthly service fee, you can start small and grow in time.