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Rathi family established Vidya Wires in 1982 and promoted their philosophy of ‘Excellence through Experience’. Living by the legacy of trust and transparency, today Vidya Wires is a prominent manufacturer of copper wires in India using the latest technology and proficient manpower industry to ensure the best quality of products and services.Vidya Wires Pvt a well -structured organisation in the trade of manufacturing and marketing INSULATED COPPER & ALUMINIUM CONDUCTORS  (Enamelled Copper Wires & Strips , Paper Covered Copper & Aluminium Strips ,Flexible Connection Cable

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  • A name augmented by the philosophy of “Excellence through Experience”, Vidya Wires is a prominent manufacturer of Copper Wires in India, living by the legacy of trust and transparency built by Mr. Shyam Sundar Rathi in 1982. Beginning their journey with a mere capacity of 100mt per year, Mr. Rathi created insurmountable opportunities with his progressive mindset and futuristic vision that empowered Vidya Wires to the height it stands on today.

    Mr. Shailesh Rathi, a prodigal son of Mr. Shyam Sundar Rathi fortified the foundations of Vidya Wires with a sole purpose of expanding their reach globally by adding diversified products of niche segments. Mr. Shailesh Rathi’s hard work and extensive knowledge of the copper industry has validated their spot amongst India’s Top Five Copper Wire Manufacturers with a production capacity of 18000 mt per annum while generating a revenue of over 900 Cr per annum across 4 Manufacturing units in India. Vidya Wires bags an assemblage of products and services that empowers and satiates the surging demands of various manufacturers like Electric Transformers for Power Distribution, Electric Motors, Telecommunication Equipment, Electrical appliances, Windmill Alternators, Automobiles, Compressors, Tin-Cans, Solar etc.

    Growing and leading the copper industry for over 4 decades, Vidya Wires has catered to more than 400 clients with top quality copper products ensured by stringent manufacturing and quality check parameters that has established a reputable mark in the industry.  We conform our products as per industry-specific code, ordinance, and regulations with the help of cutting-edge machinery imported from Europe and China while thriving for continuous innovation and R&D of our products. Vidya Wires houses a well-equipped and computerized laboratory to test and measure its equipment in order to maintain high quality standards for superior quality of copper products. The distribution of our quality products has reached the corners of India and forged its place in the markets of various developed nations like USA, Canada, Europe and Middle East.

    India is a developing country and the potential of Insulated Copper Conductors in Electrical and Automobile Industries is indefinite. Renewable energy sources provide nearly one-quarter of the world’s power, and copper plays an important role in making it as efficient as possible with minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, with new initiatives of Indian Government to promote copper industry, we have multiple projects in line for renewable industry of E-vehicles and Solar Energy as we believe that enhanced use of renewable energy source is needed to mitigate our dependency on fossil fuels.

    We at Vidya Wires believe that motivated employees are imperative to a company's success, so we make sure our team members are well taken care of. We believe, only quality and values can lead to transformative innovations. Therefore, we steadfastly dedicate ourselves to the growth of our people, our partners, and the company.

    Our vision is to stand at the pinnacle of Copper Wire Manufacturers and dominate the international Insulated Copper Conductors Manufacturing Industry by providing 100% customer satisfaction, encouraging growth, and ensuring the happiness of all our employees. We pursue a WIN WIN WIN business model where we make sure that our clients are satisfied and our company and employees grow collectively. We maintain the trust of our customers and partners by providing them with an assurance of quality and meet their customized requirements for Insulated Copper Conductors efficiently.


    We know that the Sky has no limits and that is why we work tirelessly for a brighter future and strive for innovation with the help of our dedicated team of professionals to achieve new heights for Vidya Wires.



  • Enameled Copper Winding Wires / Magnet Wires

    Magnet wire or Enameled wire is a copper  wire coated with a very thin layer of insulation. We have different range of Enameled Copper Winding Wires are coated with a layer of insulation and comes with good mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation etc.. The material is electrolytically refined copper and fully annealed to take maximum benefits of the customization in hermetic applications, Electrical Motors, Transformers, Switchgear, Consumer & Industrial Electronics, Auto Electrical, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Domestic Appliances, Pumps & Fans and more.

    Product 2

    Enameled Copper Rectangular Strips

    We comply with the demanding needs of the specific requirements of Enameled Copper Rectangular Strips. They come with a great finish, best dimensional properties and possess great resistance with several beneficial aspects. They are mainly used for insulation purposes, binding purposes, switch gears, transformers, electric motor stators, high voltage motors and more.