Centriforce Products Ltd

Liverpool,  Merseyside 
United Kingdom
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Centriforce Products Ltd is a leading, international supplier of utility damage prevention solutions for underground pipes and cables.   

Approved and used worldwide, STOKBORD® cable protection tiles and Drum, TAPETILE® protection tapes and LOCATA® high-visibility warning tapes and meshes provide effective solutions to protect all buried services from third party excavation and possible damage.

Centriforce also works with clients worldwide to deliver bespoke solutions for buried utility damage prevention

Brands: Stokbord® - heavy duty cable protection Tapetile® - high visibility warnings with protection for buried utilities Locata® - highly visible warnings for buried utilities


  • Stokbord® Drum
    Installed above buried cables and pipelines, Stokbord Drum is a heavy-duty protection cover that prevents damage occurring to utility services from mechanical impact strikes....

  • Installed above buried cables and pipelines, Stokbord Drum is a heavy-duty protection cover that prevents damage occurring to utility services from mechanical impact strikes. Innovated from our globally recognised Stokbord Cover cable protection tile, Stokbord Drum is wound as a single strip onto an industrial reel. This delivery and installation method supplies the same trusted utility protection with increased safety and efficiency for workers and contractors, making it ideal for large scale utility projects.

    Manufactured from high-quality recycled polyethylene, Stokbord Drum is incredibly strong and impact-resistant against mechanical strikes. Its material form means that it does not rot and is chemical resistant which supports a long service life in protection buried utilities.

    Stokbord Drum has been utilised on multiple major utility projects, including Triton Knoll Wind Farm, Hornsea 2 and Dogger Bank Wind Farm.


    • Time-saving installation

    • Lower risk to operatives

    • High impact resistance - does not shatter on impact

    • Provides clear visual warning with bright colours and bold warning text

    • Rot-resistant and chemically inert meaning a long service life

    • Confirms to internationally recognised standards (e.g. BS 2484)

    • Specified and approved by DNOs

  • Stokbord® Cover
    Stokbord® Cover is a utility protection tile that delivers trusted protection to buried cables and pipelines. Compared to concrete, Stokbord Cover offers a lightweight, durable and efficient alternative to traditional cable protection....

  • Stokbord® Cover utility protection tiles are approved and specified by utility companies throughout the world. They are highly visible and prevent damage to buried high voltage cables and other utilities including gas, water and telecoms. Manufactured from high impact resistant recycled polyethylene, Stokbord Cover tiles are able to withstand damage from both hand tools and mechanical plant. Stokbord® Cover offers faster installation times, reduced handling and no waste from breakages, making them today’s product of choice for underground utilities.

    Compared to concrete, Stokbord® Cover is: 

    - Up to 90% lighter

    - Up to 300% quicker to install

    - Significantly more cost-effective, in both material and labour costs

    - Much more durable, does not shatter on impact


    • High impact resistance – do not shatter on impact
    • Provide clear visual warning with bright colours and bold warning text
    • Products available to comply with:
    • ENA TS 12-23
    • EN 12613:2009
    • Specified and approved by DNOs
    • Rot resistant and chemically inert meaning a long service life
    • Conform to internationally recognised standards (e.g. BS 2484)
    • Can be customised