Cleaveland/Price Inc.

Trafford,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 6619

Cleaveland/Price is a manufacturer with a diverse portfolio of switch, motor operators, RTUs, and power monitor products.  The company offers substation class group operated switches to 500 kV and hookstick operated switches for various applications.  Seismic qualified (IEEE Standard 693) switches have been tested to 2.5 ZPA.  Motor operators are available for any manufacturer’s switch in overhead, padmount, and underground use.   Our LineScope® overhead line sensor provides accurate current and voltage measurements as well as detailed power quality data through 138 kV.

Brands: Cleaveland/Price, Quick Install Switches, LineScope®, CommBridge, Reliatronics, ADMO, Superwhip, ReliaVac®, UAD, PAD, V2-C, LCO-C, RL-C, DB-C, DB-CA, TP-C2, RP-C, TP-D2, CB-C, CB-A, ILO-C, RBI, RBO-C