San Diego Convention Center
April 10-13, 2023


How, Where, and When Do I Ship My Materials?

  • Check out the weight of your exhibit. Lightweight designs save on shipping and drayage.  
  • Remove old shipping labels and attach clean labels with your company name and booth number clearly marked.  
  • Be sure to attach a rider to your insurance policy from the time your exhibit and product leave your possession until it is returned. Your company is responsible for your exhibit and product.  
  • Shrink-wrap all your cartons onto a skid to avoid any special handling charges. Be sure to securely pack and tape your boxes.  
  • Ship prepaid and keep an inventory and the PRO numbers of all your shipments.  
  • Alert Freeman if you are shipping less than you initially estimated. This will not only save you money, but also expedite the move-in process for you and other exhibitors.  
  • If delivering to the advance warehouse, confirm delivery with both Freeman and your shipping company.  
  • Make sure that all shipments are accompanied with a certified weight certificate.

The preferred International Freight Forwarder is:

     DSV Solutions - Fairs & Exhibitions 
     Attn: Colin May
     Title: Director of Opperations
     Telephone: (786) 577-6750
     Fax: (786) 577-6751
     Website: www.agility.com/fairs-events
     Email: colin.may@dsv.com / US-Exhibitions@dsv.com
     Additional Info

To send the boxes care of Freeman so they arrive directly at your booth, there are two options. Both do incur material handling charges from Freeman.

1. Advance Warehouse:

  • Shipments can arrive between Monday, 13 March 2023 - Monday, 3 April 2023.
  • Shipments received after 3 April are subject to a surcharge.
  • Address shipments:
    Exhibiting Company Name / Booth #
    Exhibitor Name
    Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition
    c/o Freeman
    3456 E. Miraloma Avenue
    Anaheim, CA 92806 USA

2. Direct to Show Site:

  • Shipments MUST arrive on-site 11 April 2023.
  • Address Shipments:
    Exhibiting Company Name / Booth #
    Exhibitor Name
    ​Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition
    San Diego Convention Center
    c/o Freeman
    111 W Harbor Drive
    San Diego, CA 92101 USA 

Further details and costs are available in the exhibitor manual at Freeman Online.

General Shipping Dates

  • 13 March 2023 Advance Shipments may begin arriving at Warehouse
  • 3 April 2023 Last day Advance Shipments may arrive at warehouse w/o surcharge
  • 11 April 2023 Only day Shipments may arrive on-site

International Shipping Dates

  • 10 March 2023 First Day for LCL Sea Freight to arrive in Los Angeles (Adv Warehouse) 
  • 20 March 2023 Last Day for LCL Sea Freight to arrive in Los Angeles (Adv Warehouse) 
  • 13 March 2023 First Day for FCL Sea Freight to arrive in Long Beach (Adv Warehouse) 
  • 27 March 2023 Last Day for FCL Sea Freight to arrive in Long Beach (Adv Warehouse) 
  • 17 March 2023 First day for Air Freight to arrive in Los Angeles (LAX) (Adv Warehouse) 
  • 31 March 2023 Last day for Air Freight to arrive in Los Angeles (LAX) (Adv Warehouse)

  • Shipping to the advance warehouse best to ensure your items arrive on time. Shipments to the warehouse can arrive between 13 March - 3 April 2023.
  • Schedule your shipment to arrive between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. (Drivers must check in by 4:30 PM) for freight receipt at the warehouse to avoid unnecessary surcharges. Penalties will be assessed if materials arrive before or after move-in dates/times.  
  • For on-site deliveries, expect at least a 3-hour wait for your materials to be unloaded from the time your truck checks in at the marshalling yard. For afternoon arrivals it is wise to order labor for the following day. 
  • If shipping direct to SDCC, schedule your labor for the day after your target delivery date. Freeman cannot guarantee what time your freight will be delivered to your booth on the day it arrives. 
  • Check-in to the marshalling yard on straight time. Check-in prior to 4:30 PM to ensure same day delivery.

Material handling (drayage) is the service of receiving freight at either the advance warehouse or show site. This service includes the following:  

  • Acceptance of freight shipped to the advance warehouse (freight accepted 13 March - 3 April 2023).
  • Storage of up to 30 days prior to move-in  
  • Delivery of freight to show site OR acceptance of freight delivered directly to show site  
  • Delivery of freight from dock to booth  
  • Pick up and storage of “empty” crates/boxes for duration of show  
  • Delivery of “empties” from storage back to booth for move-out  
  • Freight transferred from booth to dock for return shipment  
  • Loading of crates/boxes onto outgoing carrier


Will you be bringing your booth materials in a POV (Privately Owned Vehicle)? Freeman will provide Cart Service for those with POVs. What is considered a POV? Any cars, pick-ups, vans, trucks primarily designed for passenger use, not cargo or freight. Some service highlights can be found below. For the full details, directions, qualifying vehicles, and fine print, please click here

Cart Service Includes: 

  • Freeman workers with flat cart scooters will assist with unloading.
  • Each cart can handle a load of 3’ Wide x 4’ Long x 3’ High.
  • Each load must not exceed 300 lbs.
  • Storage of empty cardboard/product boxes (no additional charge) 

Rates: $184.25 per round trip (from dock to booth and booth to dock) 

Service Dates & Times: 


  • Tuesday, 11 April              8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 


  • Thursday, 13 April            3:00 PM – 10:00 PM 

Any vehicles that do not qualify for this service or require mechanical assistance to unload will be directed to the Freeman Marshalling Yard.



Contact the Grid Edge Exhibits Team at: gridedge@cemllc.com or call us (972) 521-9902.

  • Cost Saving Tip
    Shipping to the advance warehouse up to 30 days before move-in can save costs and ensures packages arrive in time for move-in.

Budgeting help, view a Freeman Simplified Rate Sheet