San Diego Convention Center
April 10-13, 2023


The Grid Edge exhibits team is committed to making the planning process as smooth as possible. We will be holding two 1-hour Q&A "Ask Us Hour" webinars in early 2023. In the first 10 minutes, we will provide an exhibitor update, then we will open up the floor for questions. This is your opportunity as an exhibitor to ask questions and get answers that will help you make the most of your Grid Edge experience. 

Representatives on the call: 
  • Grid Edge Committee Chair - What sets Grid Edge Apart
  • Grid Edge Exhibits Team Representative  
  • Freeman Representative - Freight, labor, and other booth needs 
  • Marketing Representative - Tools to help promote your booth 
When: 22 February 2023 and 8 March 2023 
Times: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Central (US & Canada) 
If you couldn't make one of our calls, you can view the webinar video or review the presetation PDF.


Contact the Grid Edge Exhibits Team at: gridedge@cemllc.com or call us (972) 521-9902.