San Diego Convention Center
April 10-13, 2023


The Grid Edge Team understand it can be difficult to keep track of all the communications and emails you receive. We want to ensure that you receive all the important information related to IEEE PES Grid Edge. Below is a list of the emails we have sent to all 2023 exhibitors for this event. Please check back on a regular basis.


Emails Sent

Date Subject From
5 May, 2023 Download! The 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge Photo Gallery ieee-pes@deliver.ieee.org
25 Apr. 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge 2023 Exhibitor Survey, Final Attendee List and More... gridedge@cemllc.com
12 Apr. 2023 Move-Out Info for Grid Edge 2023 Exhibitors gridedge@cemllc.com
8 Apr. 2023 Know Before Your Go to Grid Edge 2023 gridedge@cemllc.com
13 Mar. 2023 Discount Deadline Today (Tuesday) and Don't Forget to Update Your Online Listing gridedge@cemllc.com
8 Mar. 2023 Your products/services are needed to advance the industry - Exhibit at Grid Edge 2023 shiela@cemllc.com
28 Feb. 2023 Need Exhibiting Answers? Attend A Grid Edge 2023 Ask Us Webinar gridedge@cemllc.com
27 Feb. 2023 Action Required! Missing Liability Insurance for Grid Edge 2023 gridedge@cemllc.com
22 Feb. 2023 Exhibitor Deadlines Approaching - Grid Edge 2023 gridedge@cemllc.com
16 Feb. 2023 Prominent Speakers, Dedicated Exhibit Hours, Full Access = Grid Edge Exhibit Benefits gridedge@cemllc.com
1 Feb. 2023 Grid Edge 2023 – Exhibitor Important Reminders & Deadlines gridedge@cemllc.com
30 Jan. 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge 2023 – Ask Us Webinar gridedge@cemllc.com
24 Jan. 2023 Savings Alert! Exhibiting at DistribuTECH & IEEE’s Grid Edge? gridedge@cemllc.com
18 Jan. 2023 Will your customers be at IEEE Grid Edge? gridedge@pes-mail.ieee.org
22 Dec. 2022 Grid Edge 2023 Exhibitors – Register Your Staff & Book Rooms gridedge@cemllc.com
8 Dec. 2022 Who you'll meet at IEEE Grid Edge 2023 gridedge@pes-mail.ieee.org
28 Sept. 2022 IEEE Grid Edge 2023 - Your Offerings. Thousands of Industry Decision-Makers. 1 Place! gridedge@cemllc.com
9 Jun. 2022 Space Selection Date Change for 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies gridedge@cemllc.com
2 May 2022 Exhibit at the NEW 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies gridedge@cemllc.com
28 Apr. 2022 Unlock New Opportunities at the Edge gridedge@cemllc.com
 Exhibitor emails are sent to all 2023 Grid Edge exhibitor main and secondary contacts.


Contact the Grid Edge Exhibits Team at gridedge@cemllc.com or call us (972) 521-9902.

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