San Diego Convention Center
April 10-13, 2023


It is important to note deadlines for both discounted services and due dates to provide critical information (final program, housing, etc.). Please note, these deadlines may be updated as we get closer to the show.

2 January Supporter Deadline – Online Floorplan Rotating Banner Ad Graphics Due
19 January Discount Deadline – Lead Retrieval Early Bird Discount (More Info)
20 January Program Advertising Deadline in Power & Energy Magazine's Official Show Issue (More Info)
1 February DistribuTECH/Grid Edge Caravan Service Order Deadline (More Info)
Supporter Deadline – Presentation Files/Speaker Details Due
Supporter Deadline – Structural Graphics Due
Supporter Deadline – Walk-in Video Due
3 February Supporter Deadline – On-site Branding Graphic Artwork Due
15 February Supporter Deadline – Level 2 Enhancement Updates Due
17 February Supporter Deadline – Introduction Speaker Details Due
22 February Ask Us Hour - Booth Planning Webinar (More Info)
23 February Discount Deadline – Lead Retrieval Advance Deadline (More Info)
25 February Technology Stage Presentation Application Deadline (Stage Info / Submit Application)
Supporter Deadline – Sponsorship Requests for Final Program
3 March Proof of Liability Insurance Due (More Info) Email COI to sales@rainprotection.net
EAC Authorization Due (More Info)
8 March Ask Us Hour - Booth Planning Webinar (More Info)
13 March Discount Deadline – Freeman (Furnishings, Carpet, Cleaning, etc.) (More Info or view Service Manual)
Discount Deadline – Early Bird Registration Deadline (More Info)
Advance Shipments May Begin Arriving at the Warehouse (More Info)
17 March Discount Deadline – Hotel (More Info)
20 March Pre-Show Attendee List available for download (More Info)
Vehicle Display Requests Due (More Info)
24 March Discount Deadline – Catering (More Info)
27 March Discount Deadline - Floral (More Info)
Discount Deadline - Internet/Telephone/TVs (More Info)
Discount Deadline - Booth Cleaning (More Info)
Attendee Email Blasts Purchases may begin being sent (More Info)
Preview List (company names/titles if available) sent to exhibitors (More Info
1 April Supporter Deadline – Cups/Napkins Due at Advance Warehouse if Shipping There
3 April Last day Advance Shipments may arrive at warehouse without surcharge (More Info)
10 April Supporter Deadline – Cups/Napkins Due at Convention Center if Shipping Direct
11 April Direct Shipments MUST arrive on-site at the Convention Center (More Info)
General Move-in Begins (Exhibitor Schedule)
All booths must be set by 4:00 PM
14 April All booths must be removed from the exhibit hall by 10:00 AM
21 April Last Day Attendee Email Blasts Purchases may be sent (More Info)
5 May Post-Show Attendee List available for download (More Info)
5 October Final Payments Due or 100% with application – Pay Online in your Exhibitor Console
November Exhibitor Service Manual Live
18 November Supporter Deadline – Digital Logo Due
Supporter Deadline – Mobile App Graphics Due
16 December Booth Personnel Registration Open (will need your Exhibitor Console password)
December Housing Now Open
December Supporter Deadline – Labels Provided to Supporters if Applicable


Contact the Grid Edge Exhibits Team at gridedge@cemllc.com or call us (972) 521-9902.