San Diego Convention Center
April 10-13, 2023


We are dedicated to making your logistical planning as easy as possible.


Planning on displaying a vehicle - view requirements.


Contact the Grid Edge Exhibits Team at: gridedge@cemllc.com or call us (972) 521-9902.

  • Cost Saving Tips
    • Pay attention to the deadlines to ensure you are taking advantage of every option available. Remember, ordering prior to the deadlines can save you up to 30 percent!  
    • If shipping direct, schedule your labor for the day after your target delivery date. Freeman cannot guarantee what time your freight will be delivered to your booth on the day it arrives.  
    • Number your crates according to content. Attach a diagram with instructions for exhibit setup and include electrical requirements and repacking instructions.  
    • Submit electrical and telecommunications floorplans in advance. This allows Freeman and San Diego Convention Center to review prior to your arrival on-site.