Anaheim Convention Center
6-9 May 2024


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There are many components when planning for a tradeshow (most of this information is available on our website), however the amount of information can be overwhelming for a first-time exhibitor. We recommend starting with the following:


  • Review General Exhibit Info and FAQs pages online.
  • Attend one of our Ask Us Hour webinars or our Exhibitor Facility Tour.
  • Budgeting – be sure to include costs for travel, registrations (booth and personnel), booth design, show services (i.e., carpet, furniture, AV, electrical, hard wall structures, etc. not included in your booth), shipping/transportation, marketing, giveaways, sponsorships, etc. Don’t forget a little extra for any unforeseen on-site needs. According to industry averages you can plan on the following generalizations:
    ​     Booth Space Fees   30%
         Show Services         19%
         Exhibit Design          10%
         Shipping/Drayage    10%
         Promotions               5%
         Staff/Travel               20%
         Miscellaneous          5%
  • Freeman is T&D’s official Service Contractor and exclusive provider of rigging, material handling, furniture rental, signage, labor, carpet, displays and audiovisual. The convention center is the exclusive provider for catering, electrical, and utilities. Details, pricing and ordering info are available on the Service Vendors/Order Forms page.
  • Hotel reservations are open. Note some hotels will sell out quickly.
  • Don’t forget to register your Staff. Everyone will need a badge to access the show floor.
  • Check out the Communications Archive to view any exhibitor emails you may have missed.


  • Think through any shipments to and from the show. Freeman will be on-site to deliver packages that were sent to the warehouse or direct to the convention center, but that will incur material handling costs. Consolidate shipments and allow time for delivery. Also confirm arrival dates are within the dates freight is accepted at the appropriate locations.
  • Be sure to pad personnel and shipment arrivals/departures to allow for booth set-up and tear down schedules.
  • COST SAVINGS NOTE – Shipping to the advance warehouse up to 30 days before move-in can save costs and ensures packages arrive in time for move-in.
  • Keep a log of all confirmations and shipments with tracking numbers, etc. to reference on-site quickly.
  • Complete a Material Handling Agreement (MHA) for all outbound shipments and return to Service Desk or submit via Freeman.
  • View all shipping details.


  • Review the Logistics Guide for on-site tips and information.
  • Hold a pre-show meeting with your team to review any show priorities and goals, rules/regulations, etc. ensuring all are informed and on the same page.
  • If you hired labor, check-in at the Freeman Service Desk to be sure your work order is in process and confirm your tear-down labor while there.
  • Label any boxes/containers you will need for tear-down BEFORE they’re taken to the warehouse and remove EVERY item needed – you won’t have access to them during the show.
  • Before you leave check with the Service Desk and any vendors for all final invoices.


  • Review the Promotion Marketing Toolkit, which will provide a suite of resources to promote your presence at the event and help drive traffic to your booth.
  • After your booth is reserved, update your online listing in the Exhibitor Hub
  • Consider upgrading your listing with a logo by selecting “Purchase Enhanced listing” in the Payment Portal.
  • Secure space in the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exhibition Official Show Issue & Technical Program - Media Guide.
  • Consider becoming a show Supporter (sponsor) or host a Special Event.


Contact the IEEE PES T&D Exhibits Team at tdexhibits@cemllc.com or call us at (972) 521-9902.