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DIP System :No more wet well problems for your lift stations

All our products and processes are innovations based on well established systems used for a number of years in both France and Europe .

DIP (Direct In-line Pump) Systems® are  manufactured  so  as  to  be  easily  adapted  to  different  types  of  installations  with  simplified commissioning and maintenance, while providing a maximum of data for monitoring purposes. Their design is based on lifting gravity effluent without water charging.

The most innovative points of  our DIP systems is that by lifting gravity effluent directly from effluent downstream without water charging nor a collecting tank, it eliminates all the main problems of retained volumes of effluent  such as  dangerous gases (H2S) , smells, sand and grease accumulation, equipment corrosion, clogged floaters, access safety … !

No more cleaning means as well of course a geniune money saving !

Thanks to the DIP System® it is possible to design durable and economical pumping stations .

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