Comfort First Products

Lake Elsinore,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 323

Comfort First Products is dedicated to IAQ in your office.

The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser is the only diffuser that offers guaranteed 4-way airflow and the ability to adjust the angle the air enters the room on all four sides, many configurations possible.  No air blows straight down onto occupants, eliminating draft complaints. The Comfort First provides such good air distribution that a comfortable room temperature is more quickly achieved, causing the AC unit to cycle on less often and for a shorter amount of time, saving energy.  The Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator with Anti-microbial Filter is the solution to overhead diffusers blowing cold or hot air laden with germ/allergens onto workers below.  Two 12” X 24” deflector panels direct air along the ceiling.  Installing in seconds with no tools other than a ladder the deflector panels safely adjust from the floor with the included “Adjusting Wand.”  

Safcord cord/cable cover prevents trip hazards by using a 4" wide nylon strip with Velcro hooks on the outside edges that attach to looped carpet.  This creates a tunnel in the middle allowing several cords and cables to fit, no more duct tape to cover cords!  Reusable and washable.


Brands: Comfort First Filtered Diffuser, a commercial product. Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator air deflector Safcord, cord and cable cover to avoid trip hazards on looped carpet