Pump Pod USA

Simi Valley,  CA 
United States
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PumpPodUSA signature product is the DRAFTS Unit (Direct Recirculating Apparatus Firefighter Training Sustainability) is a Mobile "Water Recirculator" Apparatus specifically for the Fire Service that is the best on the market today.  This is NOT a training simulator, its purpose is for "Full Flow" Training & Pump Testing.  It accommodates ALL Master Streams including Aerial and hand line nozzles.  Each Unit includes a Roof Target and working Full Flow Portable Hydrant. A  Pump Testing Manifold is available as an optional Accessory.

When using the Portable Hydrant you can capture and recirculate all Full Flow water during training evolutions you perform today.  Including initial attack drills like “Race for Water / Secure Water Supply”, etc., drafting evolutions. All your master streams including Aerial nozzles into the Roof Target.

The Units delivered to California Fire Departments have surpassed 50 Million Gallons of training water saved and simultaneously prevented 50 Million Gallons of Dry Weather Run-Off as well! 

Our other product is the HeloPod™ Mobile Helitack Dip Source in sizes of 7,000 or 4,000 gallons of water includes a up to 800 GPM Fill Valve & float.

Brands: The HeloPod™ is a Mobile Helitack Dip Source in sizes of 7,000 or 4,000 gallons of water. Includes Communications Suite & Power Pack and a 800 GPM Fill Valve and float. It's transported intact.