Elide Fire USA

Peekskill City,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 1026

Bringing Innovative Technology to the frontline of firefighting ... Elide Fire USA is the Master Distributor of The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball… The Revolutionary new product that will bring an additional line of defense to fire prevention/suppression. The scientifically-proven and effective self-activating fire suppression, extinguishing solution (That only activates when it comes in contact with flame) for any situation where there is the possibility of a fire. home, office, car, factory, boat, restaurant…virtually anywhere! The patented device allows any user to control a fire while providing 24/7 protection. Fixed (Passive) ….Mounted in areas of concern Manual (Active) …Fire Fighters/First Responders, Emergency Situations (Flown, Launched, Thrown) 5 Year Warranted Shelf life A B C Class Fire Rated...Disperses a dry powder that doesn’t harm humans or the environment…(Mono Ammonium Phosphate) The Fire extinguishing Ball comes in three versions: - 6" Red Ball - 5 year warranty, 3 .0lbs 4.5 dispersion radius - 4" Red Ball - 5 year warranty 1.5lbs 2.5 dispersion radius - 4" Blue Auto/Marine Ball- 3 year warranty (engine compartments) 1.5lbs Whether used by Home/Property/Business Owners or Fire Professionals The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball will save lives and decrease property loss at an efficient & affordable price point.