Fluid Tactical

San Luis Obispo,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1417

Fluid TACTICAL is for anyone needing to prevent dehydration, eliminate cramps, reduce fatigue, and replace electrolytes on-the-go. Our solution starts with a complete mineral profile, that actually matches what we lose in sweat! Including calcium and magnesium, a pinch of real cane sugar, and natural flavors, each packet of TACTICAL turns 16oz of water into great tasting electrolyte mix that just works better. This tactical approach to solving workplace heat stress is the result of years of experience and knowledge gained manufacturing Fluid, an award-winning line of sports drinks for endurance athletes. 
TACTICAL is enjoyed by CalFire, USFS, local and county fire departments across the US, as well as the FBI, Chevron, Sunrun, departments of corrections, auto manufacturers and clients we're unable to disclose. We proudly support Fire Velo and Firefighter Cancer Foundation for their commitments to firefighter safety advocacy, education outreach, and aid to firefighter families.