National Safety Solutions Ltd

Kamloops,  BC 
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Building Safety Cultures Together.

A company's safety success rating is a key factor, it determines who is awarded a bid package. Our safety solutions help ensure that your company has the highest safety success rating possible.

Carrying our product highlights how important safety is to your company. This is a clear indication to prospective clients that your business prioritizes safety. It highlights the importance of due diligence and compliance.

With the multi-point Start Right Safety Inspection System, employees are required to successfully complete the 360° walk-around of the GSE prior to movement. The 360° walk around reduces the risk of incidents and all costs associated with them. Our system provides verifiable documentation with daily vital fluid checks, weight and balance issues in cargo holds, aircraft housekeeping, and security inspections. Having this data available for review by all stakeholders from anywhere in the world ensures your employees and workplaces are closer to complete safety compliance.

Brands: Start Right™ 360° Walk-Around Inspection System