HC3 | The First-ever Industrywide ICHRA Data Spotlight: How it’s Going and What Comes Next | Panel Discussion

  • Room: Oceanside F
  • Session Number: HC3
Thursday, May 04, 2023: 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM


Robin Paoli
Executive Director
HRA Council
Victoria Hodgkins
PeopleKeep, Inc.
Jack Hooper
CEO and Founder of Take Command
Take Command Health
Noah Lang
CEO and Founder
Stride Health


Since individual coverage HRAs first became available in 2020, employers big and small have adopted the health benefit as an alternative to traditional group health insurance. With the freedom and flexibility they offer, ICHRAs are poised to change the face of health benefits. Don’t miss this panel discussion with industry-leading experts who will present findings from the first ever industrywide ICHRA data report from the HRA Council. Highlighting data from the report, the panel will build upon HR professionals’ understanding of HRAs, share how employers are using their ICHRAs, help determine if HRAs are a fit for your benefits strategy, and talk through implementation steps.

Learning Objectives

1.) Understand the reimbursement model of insurance with new industrywide data, emerging trends and employer stories.
2.) Find out the questions HR leaders need to ask to determine if ICHRA is a viable option.
3.) Learn how to engage a benefits broker and get started with an ICHRA.