BL3 | Closing the Empathy Gap to Create More Engaged Employees

  • Room: Oceanside C
  • Session Number: BL3
Thursday, May 04, 2023: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM


Janice Minn
Director of Project Management
Amy Schwartz
People Experience Manager
Sara Vidoni
VP, Product Solutions


The empathy gap continues to widen, with employees, leaders and HR teams rating themselves as less empathetic today than in prior years. One reason for the growing gap is that many companies are shifting back to the bottom line while employees continue to struggle to balance increased productivity demands with the ongoing health, financial and well-being effects left over from the pandemic. So what can benefits and HR leaders do to address this problem? And how do benefits fit into it? In this session you’ll learn how to reclaim empathy as a core organizational strategy to increase benefits engagement — and keep employees happy.

Learning Objectives

1.) Understand what it means to “learn empathy”.
2.) Discover how HR can support learning across all levels of their organization to increase benefits engagement.
3.) Find out the latest statistics that support empathetic leadership as a win-win for people and profit goals.