HC10 | 2023 Healthcare Trends - What Do Employees want?

  • Room: Oceanside E
  • Session Number: HC10
Wednesday, May 03, 2023: 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM


Marybeth Gray
SVP, Health and Welfare Benefits
Trion, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC


Title: 2023 Healthcare Trends - What Do Employees want? 

2023 will be filled with New Challenges and New Opportunities!

Whether you are in Talent Acquisition, manage healthcare benefits, or are the CFO, this session will help you take steps to attract and retain talent, manage cost drivers like chronic conditions, and specialty pharmacy while creating inclusive programs. Why do these things matter?

The numbers tell the story:

  • Employees are 7x more likely to say their organization is high performing if it’s inclusive
  • 84% of employers of 500 or greater employees rated enhanced healthcare benefits as important or very important to talent attraction and retention
  • 90% of annual healthcare expenditures are for chronic and mental health conditions
  • 90% of claimants who incurred claims over $100,000 had more than one chronic condition

Session participants will learn what top employers are doing to manage these trends and how you can employ them in your organization including steps like:

  • Offering targeted programs aimed at specific health conditions (diabetes, cancer, musculoskeletal, COPD) (49% of all large employers are doing this now)
  • use value-based benefit designs to achieve savings without cost shifting (47% of employers are likely to do this)
  • focused action to manage specialty drug costs (50% of employers are looking to do this in 2023)

Join Marybeth to plan your path to success in 2023. Don’t miss this SHRM and HRCI-accredited session.

Learning Objectives

1.) Understand the current trends in healthcare from both a medical advancement, as well as marketplace disrupters in the Tech and Carrier Industries.

2.) Learn what million-dollar drugs are in the pipelines, how employers are grappling with the cost of these cures and what new-to-market solutions they should consider.

3.) Developing strategies to reduce company liability and costs while using benefits to recruit and retain top talent with cutting-edge programs to help you outpace the competition.