WN6 | Employee Financial Well-Being and Mental Health: Underserved Employees are Hardest Hit

  • Room: Oceanside G
  • Session Number: WN6
Wednesday, May 03, 2023: 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM


Robert L. Heston, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer


Employee Mental Health and Financial Well-Being are directly related in today’s complicated world. We will look at how employee financial problems turn into legal problems and cause dangerous levels of employee stress and mental health. How can HR miss the impact of employee financial problems on Mental Health? Are the most vulnerable underserved employees having the hardest time? The good news is that these problems, as widespread as they are for employees, can be solved with a recognition of the breadth of this problem by HR Managers. This could be one of the easiest problems to solve.

Learning Objectives

1.) Better understand one of the most misunderstood causes of employee mental health.
2.) Better understanding of how financial problems cause more serious problems and lead to mental health issues.
3.) Better understand how underserved employees are hardest hit with no solutions.