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If you're looking for an effective, cost-efficient means to reduce your employees' costly behavioral health risks, SelfHelpWorks online Cognitive Behavioral Training interventions are likely your missing link.

These user-friendly online interventions are used by over 600 employers in all, and are the trusted choice of leading health & wellness vendors like Humana, Bravo Wellness, HealthFitness and Virgin Pulse. 

Using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and health coaching best practices, they eliminate deep-seated, costly chronic disease drivers that resist standard behavior modification techniques:

   • Obesity / unhealthy eating

   • Tobacco

   • Stress / low resilience

   • Insomnia

   • Physical inactivity

   • Alcohol

   • Poor diabetes management

SelfHelpWorks online interventions are effective, scalable and surprisingly low-cost. Most importantly, employees love them!  Use them as a stand-alone solution or integrate them into your existing wellness portal.

Stop by booth 326 to learn more and see if they're right for your organization.


SelfHelpWorks - How We Help Wellness Programs

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  • Employers who leave their contact info with SelfHelpWorks personnel during the HBLC event and later contract with SelfHelpWorks will receive 10% off SelfHelpWorks' regular pricing.


  • SelfHelpWorks Cognitive Training Interventions
    User-friendly online interventions for costly hard-to-break behaviors. In just a few weeks participants experience a powerful transformation in mindset that results in genuine, lasting behavior change and a higher quality of life....

  • Every year, employees struggle with unhealthy habits that cost their employers a fortune – in absenteeism, lost productivity, increased risk of diabetes and chronic disease, and higher medical claims.

    Unfortunately, the six unhealthy habits at the root of most chronic illness and disease are usually the most difficult to change for anything more than a short period of time.

    The reason these habits are so hard to eliminate is that they are usually emotionally based and are stored in an area of the brain that resists standard behavior modification techniques.

    The proprietary SelfHelpWorks cognitive behavioral training process doesn’t just change what people do, it changes their beliefs and deepest subconscious thoughts about themselves — which is why it succeeds where standard behavior modification techniques have failed.

    If your wellness program isn’t “moving the needle” significantly with your employees who need it most, SelfHelpWorks online video courses are likely the missing link. In just a few weeks participants experience a powerful transformation in mindset, enabling them to maintain genuine, lasting behavior change and a higher quality of life.

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