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What is MULTIMIN® 90?

MULTIMIN® 90 is an injectable, aqueous supplemental source of zinc, copper, selenium and manganese. It is formulated according to the NRC requirements of cattle. Trace minerals are important for reproduction, immunity and immune response to vaccines. MULTIMIN® 90 is not intended as a replacement for trace minerals in the oral feed. It supports an existing well designed oral feed program to help optimize immunity and reproduction. It is a prescription required product, so please

talk to your own veterinarian about MULTIMIN® 90.

How Does MULTIMIN® 90 Work?

University study data indicated that uptake of zinc, manganese, selenium and copper from the injection site occurs within 8-10 hours after treatment. Followed by exposure of all tissues and enzyme systems to significantly elevated mineral levels for at least 24 hours. Trace minerals are stored well in liver for later use. Functional enzymes relying on trace minerals show significant increases as early as 15 days post injection. MULTIMIN® 90 injectable supplements minerals rapidly, so cattle respond rapidly.

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