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Blueprint Genetics is one of the fastest growing genetics laboratories globally. We provide world-class genetic testing and clinical interpretation for rare inherited diseases in 14 medical specialties with a customer-base spanning over 40 countries.

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 Press Releases

  • Blueprint Genetics is adding over 400 genes to 138 panels and introducing an improved clinical-grade Next Generation Sequencing assay for panels, single genes and variant specific testing. This update includes a number of recently discovered, clinically relevant deep intronic and regulatory variants and will facilitate the introduction of mitochondrial DNA testing to panels by the end of 2019. 

    The panel updates take into account new disease genes as reported in peer-reviewed literature and relevant databases, in addition to customer requests, to further enhance the clinical utility of the panels. The update will come into effect on October 21, 2019. All panels and single gene tests will be performed using our new assay, a targeted clinical exome that has been customized in-house to include over 4,000 genes and ~ 2,000 clinically relevant, non-coding variants. 

    “I am very happy about these updates, which will further improve the diagnostic yield of our tests. Our new assay covering over 4,000 genes provides better sequencing coverage (99.86% at depth >20x) and even higher accuracy. This data will demonstrate that our new assay quality exceeds the high standard that we have previously set with our NGS platforms. A longer-term goal of this update is to provide us with the flexibility to easily introduce new targets or features to our offering in the future. Mitochondrial DNA testing, as the latest addition, will be a new, exciting expansion for Blueprint Genetics,” says Blueprint Genetics Laboratory Director Juha Koskenvuo.

    With this update, Blueprint Genetics has further boosted the capabilities to detect copy number variants from targeted sequencing data. Using in-house developed proprietary solutions, a 100% sensitivity has been established to detect single exon level deletions. Consistent with the company’s commitment to transparency, a comprehensive analytic validation will be available in the coming weeks. 

    According to Koskenvuo, high resolution CNV detection should be a standard in rare disease genetic diagnostics and health care providers should be aware of the quality and performance metrics of CNV detection in order to maximize the diagnostic yield for their patients. 

    “An average of 5-10% of disease-causing variants are CNVs. We are seeing compelling evidence to support this with our in-house data as well as research in the field. The majority of healthcare professionals already choose to include CNVs in their tests. However, if CNV detection is not included or if the technology is not optimized to detect smaller CNVs, a molecular diagnosis may be missed in many patients,” Koskenvuo continues.

    Additionally, Blueprint Genetics is expanding its panel customization options. After the update, up to 200 genes from any medical specialty can be added to any panel at no additional cost. Over 4,000 genes will be available for customization. These customized panels can be saved by the user in Blueprint Genetics’ online portal, Nucleus, for use with future patients adding additional value.

    In short

    • Over 400 genes will be added to 138 panels
    • All panels, single genes and variant specific testing will be analyzed with a targeted, in-house tailored clinical exome, which includes over 4,000 genes and over 2,000 clinically relevant, non-coding intronic variants 
    • Clinical exome platform has a highly uniform sequencing coverage and depth (99.86% coverage at depth >20x and a mean depth of 143x).
    • The new platform demonstrates market leading performance with CNVs and difficult-to- sequence genes
    • The number of single genes available for testing is growing from 2,500 to over 3,900.

    Blueprint Genetics continues to offer high quality Whole Exome Sequencing (analysis of ~20,000 genes) and the option to expand to Whole Exome sequencing from any panel or single gene.  

    Further information

    Laboratory Director Juha Koskenvuo, juha.koskenvuo(at)
    Communication Manager Juulia Simonen, tel. +358503059018, juulia.simonen(at)

    About Blueprint Genetics

    Blueprint Genetics is one of the fastest growing genetic diagnostics businesses globally in the field of clinical genetic testing of rare inherited diseases. The company is based in Helsinki and Seattle, with a customer base spanning over 70 countries.

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