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Copan is Innovation. Over time, it has become the global leader for the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of samples collection and transport systems and improved the reliability of the pre-analytic phase with the introduction of the patented FLOQSwabs®.

Copan, with its headquarters in Italy and subsidiaries in major markets, has specifically developed the hDNAfree FLOQSwabs® product line for buccal and specimen  collection for genetic testing.

Copan Human DNA Free FLOQSwabs® are non-invasive, painless and cost-effective DNA collection systems, suitable for numerous genetic applications, including: predictive, pharmacogenomics, genomics, HLA typing, diagnostics, tumor markers, metagenomics and DNA profiling.


  • hDNAFLOQSwab®
    hDNAFLOQSwab® are collection devices suitable for a wide range of genetic applications:
    - Predictive
    - Diagnostic
    - Pharmacogenomics
    - Tumor Markers
    - HLA Typing
    - Metagenomics
    - Genealogical
    - DNA Test...

  • Copan hDNAFreeFLOQSwabs® are non-invasive, efficient and cost-effective DNA collection and transport systems.

    Different products for different needs with a variety of formats: peel-pouch, in long tube or short tube with active drying system for direct sample drying.
    Suitable for skin, buccal and other specimen collection. 
    Ideal for transportation thanks to the active drying system. Long DNA stability at RT.
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    Other Copan Products:

    • eNAT® is intended for collection, transport and preservation of specimen to be processed with molecular diagnostics platforms.  eNat® Guanidine thyocianate based medium stabilizes RNA and DNA of Viruses and Bacteria and allows safe specimen handling thanks to its microbial viability inactivation. For Microbiome research and special genetic projects. eNAT® kit comprise of a liquid based medium and a FLOQSwab® and is available in different formats. More Details 
    • NAO®Basket Nucleic Acid Optimizer, a fast and efficient system for releasing and concentrating DNA from swab samples, cards or other specimen. Available in different configuration it’s best used when combined with a FLOQSwab®. More Details

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