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Cambridge,  MA 
United States
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CENTOGENE is a data-driven rare disease company – unlocking the complexities of patients’ biology to empower innovative solutions for the global rare disease community.

By working together with patients, physicians, and partners, we are leveraging our multi-pronged method to diagnose, understand, and treat rare diseases.


Diagnose - CENTOGENE’s Clinical Dx footprint reaches far beyond our German roots. Having diagnosed over 2,500 rare diseases across 100 countries alongside a network of over 20,000 physicians, we are the indisputable partner for rare disease diagnostics.

Understand – Over the past 15+ years, CENTOGENE has generated data-driven insights based on our Dx business. By performing in-house research to understand the genetic causes of rare diseases, we have discovered unique links between metabolic and neurological diseases.

Treat - To date, we have collaborated with over 40 biotech and pharmaceutical partners covering over 45 different rare diseases and hold several patents on biomarkers. CENTOGENE is currently aggressively pursuing three priority diseases – Gaucher disease, Niemann-Pick type C, and genetic Parkinson’s, while simultaneously creating a multiomic pool of data to drive to exponentially unlock the links between diseases to accelerate cures.

Brands: NEW CentoXome®, CentoMetabolic®, CentoGenome®, NGS Panels, Bio/Databank


NEW CentoXome® – Turning Years Into Days


  • NEW CentoXome® – Enhanced WES
    It takes approx. seven years to diagnose a patient with a rare disease. With NEW CentoXome, this doesn’t have to be the case. Learn how to increase Dx yield by up to 20% compared to standard WES....

  • Our new Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) design and service delivers the ideal quality and performance from the world leader and trusted partner in rare disease diagnostics, with outstanding clinical coverage and unmatched clinical diagnostic power in a single test. Coupling insights from our extensive rare disease-centric Bio/Databank with superior omics technology, patients and physicians benefit from a unique approach that increases diagnostic yield by up to 20% compared to routine WES via enhanced coverage of the exome, full mitochondrial genome, and known medically-associated genes and variants. 

    Learn more about how you can turn years into days. 


  • CentoMetabolic®
    The majority of inherited metabolic disorders (IMDs) are treatable if diagnosed early. Learn how we can help you and your patients avoid stepwise testing and accelerate the path from diagnosis to treatment with our multiomic panel....

  • With a multiomic approach, we can help you and your patients to accelerate the critical journey from symptoms to diagnosis by avoiding stepwise testing – saving time, resources, and pivotal years amid often rapid IMD progression. Learn how CentoMetabolic gives you and your patients the confidence of a complete clinical picture, while laying the roadmap to personalized treatment options. 
  • Next Generation Sequencing
    The diagnosis of a genetic disorder often requires the analysis of multiple genes. Discover how our streamlined NGS panels simultaneously test multiple genes associated with a particular disorder or group of disorders.


  • The diagnosis of a genetic disorder often requires the analysis of multiple genesOur NGS panels simultaneously test multiple genes to reflect the fast-growing knowledge of complex gene-disease associationsAdditionally, our NGS panels include all relevant pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants (class 1 and class 2) within coding regions, regulatory sequences, and deep intronic regions described in our rare disease-centric Bio/Databank

    Find out more about how our fast, thorough, and cost-effective diagnostic solutions for patients and their families. 

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