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Houston,  TX 
United States
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NuProbe is a cutting-edge genomics and molecular diagnostics company with revolutionary molecular technologies to improve the sensitivity of DNA disease biomarkers by over 10-fold. NuProbe has sites in Houston, USA, Shanghai, China and Suzhou, China. NuProbe’s vision is to offer affordable, timely, and accurate disease state information to enable precision medicine and improve patient outcomes.


  • VarMap Pan-Cancer NGS Panel
    This is the only liquid biopsy panel to detect 0.1% VAF on the MiniSeq and MiSeq requiring only 1M reads. It covers 337 hotspots in 61 genes with clinical high-significance in many cancer types and includes detection of over 6300 COSMIC mutations....

  • The VarMap Pan-Cancer NGS Panel enables highly sensitive mutation detection and quantitation for cancer patients. The kit uses NuProbe’s PCR-based quantitative Blocker Displacement Amplification (qBDA) technology to enable the selective amplification of low abundant (≥0.1% VAF) sequence variants (SNV and indels) in a background of wildtype DNA. Next-generation sequencing of the PCR enriched samples enables accurate variant identification and variant allele frequency (VAF) quantitation. NuProbe’s technology significantly decreases the limit of detection (≥0.1% VAF) for NGS while decreasing the number of reads per sample 60-fold. Furthermore, the technology is compatible with a number of specimen types including cell-free DNA, tumor sections, and PMBC DNA. The kit’s sample versatility and increased sensitivity allow for a number of applications such as cell-free DNA profiling, minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring and tumor heterogeneity characterization.

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