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Rebus Biosystems  

Santa Clara,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 602

Rebus Biosystems creating revolutionary tools to enable spatial omics research without compromise. Our first instrument, the Rebus EsperTM, is a fully integrated, automated spatial omics platform that delivers quantitative single-molecule, single–cell data with subcellular resolution. The first assay to be released on the Rebus Esper is the EsperTM High Fidelity assay, which enables multiplex analysis of gene expression with exquisite sensitivity and specificity.


Introducing the Rebus Esper Spatial Omics Platform


  • Rebus Esper Spatial Omics Platform
    Resolution, Scale & Speed: Get rapid analysis of biological molecules directly in and across large tissue sections with pristine subcellular detail....

  • The Rebus EsperTM is an integrated, automated spatial omics platform that delivers quantitative single-molecule, single-cell data with subcellular resolution.

    Advanced imaging, on-system chemistry, and intuitive software are brought together into a single system, providing a streamlined, end-to-end solution requiring minimal hands-on time.

    Imaging data is processed automatically to output a spatially-annotated CellxFeature matrix that can be used with your favorite software for single cell analysis and precise spatial mapping.

    The Rebus Esper makes no compromises when it comes to ease of use. Preparing a run follows a simple protocol that requires less than one hour of hands-on time. Using the instrument is as easy as loading the reagents and flow cell, starting the run, and coming back at the end to collect your processed data.

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