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Redwood city,  CA 
United States
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Next-generation sequencing studies have discovered novel biological insight into the molecular link between genotype and human biology using genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics, however scalable, deep and untargeted proteomics studies have been impractical due to cumbersome and lengthy workflows, required for complex but easily accessible samples, like blood plasma.

To transform how scientists perform proteomics analyses at scale, we have created a new rapid and robust technology adaptable in any laboratory; Seer's ProteographTM Product Suite. Proteograph Product Suite provides a new lens on the proteome, enabling researchers to see the breadth, depth and dynamic nature of proteome diversity across populations and time. Seer is expected to be the first to combine a highthroughput and comprehensive strategy using a single, efficient proteomics workflow enabling large scale proteomics and proteogenomics studies.For more information, visit our Booth #603 and our content library:

Brands: Providing untargeted and deep plasma proteome profiling that enable identification of protein variants in plasma, at a scale sufficient to enable population-scale proteogenomics studies.


  • Proteograph™ Product Suite
    The Proteograph™ Product suite is a single unified platform which includes optimized reagents and consumables, sample preparation automation, and data analysis software....

  • The Proteograph™ suite of products includes optimized reagents and consumables, automation, and software. Its protocols integrate seamlessly with nearly all existing mass spectrometers. Our product suite is designed to enable you to complete a proteomics study with an unprecedented combination of speed, efficiency, and data output. The Proteograph workflow is optimized for multiple samples in a single run and includes quality controls to ensure robust measurements. With it, you’ll accurately survey thousands of proteins with precision and without sacrificing nuance, in hours. The Proteograph solution delivers the quantitation, accuracy, precision, and reproducibility you need to tackle proteome studies of varying sizes with confidence.

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