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Utiva is a brand of UTI products brought to you by Szio+ with one goal in mind: to help those who suffer from Urinary Tract Infections. Personal experiences have led the founders of Utiva to deepen their understanding of the condition and engage with professionals in academic centers in the hopes of finding a practical and natural solution. A true consumer solution that could professionally be relied upon to allow consumers to detect early and not ignore their symptoms while reducing dependence on antibiotics as a form of prevention for UTIs.

Prevention for Utiva is based on a scientifically extracted cranberry formulation providing 36mg of PACs on a daily basis to patients with recurrent UTIs. If we can help reduce recurrences from 7 to zero or even just 1 per year, that is a win already. A reduction of antibiotic usage is most important while maintaining a strong quality of life for patients.

Utiva is the first line of therapeutic products that Szio+ has launched. Taking the professional approach, we will ensure other brands developed in other therapeutic areas will also be backed by science and professional recommendations. 

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