Lazarus 3D

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1245

Lazarus 3D's unique, patented technology allows us to rapidly create life-like models of human organs that are both anatomically accurate and feel realistic. The cost of these models can be covered by insurance. This innovation addresses an urgent and unmet need in improving medical education, pre-operative planning, and patient safety. Using our technology, we are allowing physicians, for the first time, to rehearse complex medical procedures on identical "replicas" of individuals ahead of the actual surgery. There are many applications of our PRE-operative SUrgical REhearsal (PRE-SURE(TM)) models, including surgery planning, diagnosis, treatment selection, patient communication, and most importantly, hands-on surgical rehearsals. Unlike standard 3D printed models, Lazarus 3D’s models are made of soft materials with tunable mechanical characteristics that realistically simulate the full range of human tissue. These models can, for most surgical purposes, be treated just like real tissue and can be dissected, filled with fluid, stitched together, stapled, and clamped using the same instruments and devices used in actual operations.  

Brands: Surgical training and demonstration models, and PRE-SURE(TM) surgical rehearsal models.