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It's 2018 and 1 in 5 women with UTIs are still being misdiagnosed with urine culture testing.

It's time to switch to Real-time PCR ... It's time to switch to ResolUTIon™.

MD Labs introduces ResolUTIon! The real-time PCR test for UTI coupled with automated antibiotic susceptibility testing.

Resolution™ saves staff time and improves patient outcomes by replacing the 50 year-old Urine Culture that has a well-documented 20-30% error rate and typically only evaluates 5-7 pathogens.  Resolution™ uses real-time PCR/DNA analysis to evaluate 17 pathogens with 100% specificity in the same time-frame as a urine culture.  Resolution™ then employs Automated Antibiotic Susceptibility testing from a menu 35 antimicrobials, to identify any antibiotic resistance specific to that pathogen(s) for that patient. Resolution™ even tests for MRSA.

Resolution™ is covered by insurance and is now available nationwide.

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Brands: ResolUTIon Real-time PCR Coupled with Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing for detecting and treating UTIs.