Multiphze LLC

Glendale,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 131

Multiphze, LLC is a small medical device company that has developed a novel solution for the management of blood-infected urine, designed to fulfill the unmet clinical needs that has existed for decades with current methods used to perform manual bladder irrigations. 

The Multiphze Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System is the only solution created by physicians for medical professionals treating hematuria that offers a unique method for irrigating the bladder, designed to reduce the risks and costs associated with biohazard exposure and contamination while delivering improved procedural efficiencies. 

  • Kit comes sterile packaged with novel syringe pre-attached to irrigation line and drainage bag, enabling users to simply spike irrigation line into sterile solution container, affix syringe tip to patient’s urinary catheter and conveniently begin procedure.
  • Features unique rotatable syringe and three independent ports for supporting FILL, IRRIGATE & DRAIN functions with enhanced utility and protection.
  • Unique enclosed irrigation method enables manual bladder irrigations to be administered with added safety & effectiveness.

Brands: Multiphze Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System