Nanospectra Biosciences

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 4203

Nanospectra’s AuroLase® Therapy utilizes the ‘optical tunability’ of a new class of gold nanoparticles, called AuroShells®, which transduce near-infrared wavelengths of light into heat energy. The AuroShells are delivered intravenously and accumulate through leaky tumor neovasculature. When the particles are illuminated with near-infrared light delivered through a laser fiber transperineally inserted into the tumor under hi-resolution imaging, they selectively absorb the photonic laser energy, converting the light into heat, efficiently destroying the tumor and the blood vessels supplying it while sparing normal tissue. The company’s multi-site clinical trial is being conducted at premier medical centers with internationally respected experts and is expected to be fully enrolled by Q4-2021. Nanospectra will be demonstrating this selective heating effect with a phantom model in booth 4203. In addition they will show the highly space-efficient AuroLase Control Center which houses the entire treatment system.

Brands: AuroLase, AuroShells