Neoscope 2020

San Jose,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 4034

Neoscope 2020  offers family of Single use, Rigid / Flexible  Ureteroscopes, Cystoscopes, Semi-Rigid  Ureteroscope ,  Rigid Endoscopes , Nephroscopes  with Built-in Light Source and excellent image resolution (400 x400 pixels).  The Neoscope family of  Digital Rigid/ flexible endoscopes are compatible with all commercially available HD video monitor in OR / Surgery Centers., using portable Video Processing Unit. (VPU).  The Video Processor has capability of Still/ Video Image recording, White Balance SD card & two HD Video Output

The Single use, Neoflex-  Flexible Ureteroscope consists of 9.0 Fr Outer  diameter with 3.6 Fr working channel and Single use, Neoflex-  Flexible Cystoscope consists of 12.0 Fr Outer diameter and 5.0 Fr working channel. The Neoscope- Rigid Cystoscopes are designed with 4.0 mm Outer diameter and 30 degree viewing angle, compatible with Storz, Wolf, Olympus & Circon endoscopic outer sheath & instrumentation. The Neoscope Video Link Module  (NVL) provides affordable option for physician's office for Diagnostic / Therapuetic endoscopic treatment using Rigid / Flexible cystoscope and Laptop / Tablet computers and free software. 

Brands: , Neoflex- Rigid / Flexible Cystoscopes, Neoflex- Ureteroscope, ,Neoscope- Video Link Module, Neoscope -Semi Rigid Ureteroscope, Neoscope- Nephroscope, Neoscope_ Video processor (VPU)