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Oruflow is a point-of-care diagnostic device for urology clinics. It's the first self-operating uroflowmeter in the world. It eases and accelerates the uroflowmetry process in a hygienic and comfortable atmosphere. Oruflow robotizes and automizes whole uroflowmetry process: It starts when the patient scans the barcode, stops when the urination finishes, prepares the report, sends the report to the hospital information system via IoT connection, cleans itself, and gets ready for the next examination in 1 minute.

Oruflow is CE-certified and FDA cleared.

Currently, we have more than 150 devices in 10 countries and we have more than 20 devices in Germany.

You can check the links for the brochure and online demo for more information.


We are excited to continue our growth with new products. We have developed the first self-operating urine analyzer which robotizes and automizes the urinalysis process just as uroflowmetry process. Currently, academic studies are being conducted for the self-operating urine analyzer and it be will ready for sale soon.