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The Prostatype® Test combines gene expression information with clinical parameters of PSA, Gleason Score and T Stage. The test is based on a unique database containing Ca prostate patient information and provides prognostic decision support for urologists and patients.  Prostatype® Genomics has identified 3 stem cell genes, IGFBP3, F3 and VGLL3 that correlate with overall and prostate cancer-specific survival.

The test is performed on existing biopsy tissue obtained at diagnosis thus sparing the need for further tissue sampling.

Prostatype®' identifies and quantifies RNA expression levels of the three stem cell genes relative to the patients’ tumor biology that existing clinical pathological factors cannot. These gene expressions and parameters of PSA, Gleason score and T stage are entered into the ‘CPMA’ algorithmic software linked to the patient database. The software calculates a prognostic score that provides a measure of cancer aggression optimising the stratification process.

Brands: Prostatype® Genomics markets a prognostic gene test used as part of a standard protocol to asses tumor aggression in Ca prostate and optimizes the stratification process for all stages of disease.