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Quibim, a global leader in medical imaging analysis, follows an AI-first approach to help detect pathologies across every body part and imaging modality, using quantitative imaging biomarkers. Quibim products are used worldwide by a huge diversity of research and care teams. Partners use Quibim Precision®, a whole-body imaging ecosystem, for a wide range of applications from detecting a disease to tracking the efficacy of novel treatments. 

Quibim’s AI solution for prostate MRI analysis, QP-Prostate, generates objective, meaningful insights from traditional prostate MRI exams for improved patient diagnosis and monitoring. Our suite offers objective analytical tools from visualization to quantification, compiling the information in a structured PI-RADS 2.1 compliant report. QP-Prostate enables you to standardize radiology reports throughout your organization for more efficient clinical interpretation and planning.

Stop by for a demo and try QP-Prostate, a breakthrough AI-based MRI solution designed to support increased accuracy of PI-RADS scoring with objective quantitative imaging tools.

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