Theraworx Protect U-Pak

Asheville,  NC 
United States
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The Theraworx® U-Pak is a clinically proven, hospital-adopted hygiene kit indicated to promote daily urinary health in patients with recurring urinary tract infections. The U-Pak comes with a bottle of Theraworx Protect for Daily Urinary Health Foam and a package of Theraworx Protect for Daily Urinary Health Wipes. Safe for the mucosa and perineum, the U-Pak has a variety of in-facility and at-home uses, including: anal cleansing after fecal evacuation or bowel movements, daily cleansing to support menopausal health, catheter care each time bladder is emptied, and cleansing before and after sexual intercourse.

Brands: Theraworx Protect U-Pak, Theraworx Protect Advanced Hygiene and Barrier System, Theraworx Protect Advanced Hygiene for Hand & T-Zone Defense, Theraworx Relief, Phuel, Combat One