Buenos Aires,  Buenos Aires 
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The current urological surgical scenario is very complex with a wide variety of demanding surgical procedures.   Urotrainer is a partnership focused on providing solutions to elevate the standard of care through more advanced and realistic surgical planing and training.  

Our moto “training is caring” reflects the core idea of increasing results through surgical training.  Realistic simulation allows for taking the learning curve out of the operating theatre and facilitating training in a safe and consequence-free environment. 

We have developed the VK1 and the VK1 advanced both are 3D operable models made of silicone rubber with multiple and variant surgical scenarios.  With a total of 11 tumors and 2 cysts, the VK1 allows for both novice and advanced surgeons to train.  To our knowledge, this is the first comercially available simulator to encompass a series of scenarios with multiple levels of difficulty while mimicking a real-life experience.  

Many other ideas are under development in the UROTRAINER´s  pipeline.  One of which  is an app that is soon to be launched and we are sure will become the perfect companion of every advanced urologic surgeon.