Case Recruiters

Austin,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 741

Case Recruiters works hard to bring the very best of recruiting services to our urology candidates. We work to build deep channels with practices and hospitals all across the nation in order have at our fingertips - and better yet in our database - information our candidates need to identify the jobs that offer what they want in a new position. Screening jobs yourself is a hugely time consuming task. Try finding a position with the money you want, the group structure, the mid-levels, the robot access, the patient base, the ancillaries, the buy in you are willing to pay, the corporate personality, the stability, the right reason to add to their staff, the size of community, the location of the city, the size of the facility, the age of the equipment.... All of those things are so important to your long term job satisfaction. How are you going to sift and sort for the positions that have what you want and run a busy practice or complete your residency at the same time? Case Recruiters has the expert help you need - AT NO COST TO YOU! On top of that we coach you through the interview and help negotiate your contract to get you the best deal! Find us at Booth 741 to get started today.