Decipher Urologic Cancers

San Diego,  CA 
United States
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Decipher Biosciences is a commercial-stage precision oncology company focused on urologic cancers

Decipher's genomic testing provides meaningful and independent data to assess the underlying biology and risk of an individual patient’s disease. The test has been validated in 40 studies across 29,876 patients for metastasis, prostate cancer-specific mortality, and overall survival. 

  • Decipher Prostate Biopsy helps determine if patients are suitable for active surveillance, if they need monotherapy, or if they may benefit from multi-modality or intensified therapy. 
  • Decipher Prostate RP helps determine treatment timing following radical prostatectomy and whether patients undergoing salvage radiotherapy may benefit from the addition of ADT.

Developed from a large cohort of metastatic and non-metastatic prostate cancer patients treated at the Mayo Clinic, the whole transcriptome test utilizes 22 coding and non-coding biomarkers that span seven cancer pathways to provide a more accurate, independent prediction of risk.

When used in conjunction with clinical information, Decipher provides clarity and confidence in treatment planning.

Brands: Decipher Prostate Biopsy & Decipher Prostate RP