DriQ Health, Inc.

Philadelphia,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 4138

DriQ Health is the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise incontinence monitoring solution that provides 24 x 7 monitoring of wetting events in the long-term care, hospice, residential care home or home care settings for pediatric to senior residents. LTE (cellular) connectivity ensures easy data access. Incorporating passive RFID technology and AI (artificial intelligence), staff receive real-time wetting event alerts via a Web-based DriQ Executive Dashboard.

Urologists can access functional bladder health data via the Dashboard and can obtain up to $180 per Resident per Month for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) reimbursement.

Implementation of DriQ ensures timely brief changes, helps prevent urinary incontinence associated dermatitis and pressure ulcers, provides resident-focused care toward independent toileting, and provides early identification of possible UTI or dehydration. DriQ monitoring can help enhance sleep hygiene since residents are only woken if they are truly wet. DriQ enhances quality of life for both residents and staff and enhances urologic care.

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