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At Elesta we develop innovative hi-tech therapeutic applications for interventional medicine and soft tissue ablation. Our main product is EchoLaser: an integrated Laser-Ultrasound system that allows a micro-invasive ablation of soft tissue with benign and malignant tumours. EchoLaser uses the laser radiation transmitted by independent sources (up to 4) through extremely thin optical fibres (0,3 mm) inserted percutaneously under a proprietary ultrasound guiding system, called Echolaser Smart Interface (ESI), which includes a planning and simulation software. EchoLaser thermal ablation treatments can induce a cytoreduction process on benign lesions (e.g.: BPH) or destroy cancerous tissue of malignant lesions (e.g.: prostate and kidney cancer). No general anaesthesia is generally required. Procedures can be performed in an outpatient setting, with consequent faster recovery after treatment.