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The proposal review process shapes the content of the conference program and thus plays a large role in the ultimate success of the conference. Your role is important and greatly appreciated.

Goal: To form an insightful conference program that addresses relevant and timely issues.

Proposals will be scored on a 1-5 grading system, with 5 being the highest score indicating it should be considered for inclusion; 1 being the lowest score, indicating it should be declined for inclusion.  When reviewing the proposals please ensure the following standards are met for those proposals you are recommending:

  • Work is relevant and of interest to conference attendees.

  • Work is new or presents a new perspective on known material.

  • Proposal is well organized and clearly describe its relevance to the industry.

  • Does not contain marketing; look for the real intent of the presentation. It is OK to describe a firm's new product or service, but the emphasis should be on how that product/service improves the state of the art and overcomes a barrier of concern to the industry. This is an indirect marketing approach many people use, which is fine as long as the emphasis of the material is on the technical, economic, environmental or policy benefits. Demonstrating these benefits with hard data, comparative analysis, and objective discussion should be included. Also material shouldn't negatively target competition, but rather should focus on progress, new ideas, and enlightening attendees.

  • In order to maintain the integrity of the process, please do not rate a proposal you submitted or proposal(s) submitted by your company/organization, or the proposal will be disqualified.

  • *NEW*  We are accepting full session concepts so grade it on the basic session theme, but understand that we do not have to accept all the ideas or speaker suggestions given in these submissions. Please utilize the note section to distinguish the aspects you do or don't like.  

TIP:  Once logged in, you'll be able to sort by column headers. For example, by clicking on the column “Status,” you can group by “Graded” or “Not Graded”.   Likewise, if you are assigned to multiplie topics and want to grade all proposals in a particular topic area together you can sort by the “Track” column. 

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